DSEA Supports Opt-Out! All DSEA Members Need To Support The Override Of Markell’s Veto!


I strongly implore DSEA to issue a press release giving their full support for the override of Governor Markell’s veto of House Bill 50.

Last April, the Delaware State Education Association issued a press release with their very strong stance against the way Delaware was using standardized testing.  They also gave their full support for a parent’s right to opt their child out of standardized testing.


6 thoughts on “DSEA Supports Opt-Out! All DSEA Members Need To Support The Override Of Markell’s Veto!

  1. They have not been mobilized in their efforts. As a parent, it upsets me that teachers will not stand up and fight for the kids. Especially when the test results are being used to punish them along with the schools. Stop being afraid of the DOE and stand with parents now! It’s now or never and don’t ask me to have your back if you aren’t looking out for my child!


    1. You cannot hold teachers accountable for this nonsense. They have been thrown under the bus and had it backed up over them too many times. They have been told if they support parent opt out they could be fired for intentionally sabotaging the school’s AYP. Teachers are in a no win situation and their union seems to be supporting those who have done nothing but suppress and strip a teacher’s professional stature and clout. Most teachers are not pot-stirrers and this is all very stressful and unpleasant for them. I don’t know many teachers who could just quit their jobs because they are financially able to do so.


  2. Kevin, don’t hold your breath. Had a 50+ FB message exchange on this issue. Was told I was an asshole and that the DSEA doesn’t want to die on this hill no matter what the RA unanimously voted to approve. It was a lesson in the disconnect of DSEA leadership to their membership. Possibly a lesson in the “at the table/on the table argument”.

    My take away was that the executive leadership of the DSEA is positively spineless on the issue.

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    1. I would love to see that exchange! Listen, the leadership of the DSEA has vaguely stated their vagueness on state testing and HB 50. They know they have to represent, but they do so with a whisper. No one questions and everyone just moves on with the status quo. Their members think that if there was something to be alarmed about, they would be told. I asked what the local and state union stand was on the the HB 50 veto and everyone in the room looked at each other as if to say, “What is this person talking about?” Incredible.

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