Education: Everybody’s Got A Price! Stand Up And Refuse! Awesome Video About Data Mining & Sharing

Corporate Education Reform, Data Mining

This video is making the rounds today on Youtube and Social Media.  It is excellent and puts everything a lot of us bloggers have been warning about for a long time now.  Parents, not just in Delaware but all over the country, ask your schools what data is being collected on your children.  Ask them what is being shared.  If they won’t give you the answer, keep moving up the chain: district, school board, state DOE, US DOE, as far as you want to take it.  You may be able to FOIA this information depending on your state laws.  This isn’t about helping kids become college and career ready.  It’s about the data, and big, BIG money!

2 thoughts on “Education: Everybody’s Got A Price! Stand Up And Refuse! Awesome Video About Data Mining & Sharing

  1. Suggest every parent/guardian with a child in school should write a letter to the child’s school administrator requesting a copy be provided to them of ALL data on file on their child, to include medical and disciplinary/criminal actions. The letter should request a response within 30 days of the date on the letter. A copy of the letter should also be sent to the parent/guardians local legislative representative to let them know as a constituent (the parent(s)) is concerned that personal information is being collected by the school and is being shared with corporations and non-educational entities. Minors are not protected under the Privacy Act (PA) and it is responsibility of the parent/guardian to protect their child’s personal information.
    Should the school administrator not respond in the required time allowed, the parent should write their Congressional Representative (both of whom voted for Common Core and Standardized Assessments) and request the Congressman enforce the requirement to allow parents/guardians to receive a copy of the data on file.
    Parents/guardians should be aware that the database does not allow for corrections to information in the data base, therefore, erroneous information on file could adversely affect a student from the time the information input until they graduate.

    Kevin, it might be helpful to parents/guardians if you could draft a sample letter for them to use to request the information.


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