Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Passes Their Plan, 20-2-1

At tonight’s Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, the committee passed their final draft which will be presented to the Delaware State Board of Education at their meeting on Thursday.  The State Board is expected to vote on the plan at their January meeting.  The no votes belong to State Rep. Charles Potter and Wilmington City Council member Nnamdi Chukwuocha.  One of the students representatives was absent from the meeting.

The sole public comment belonged to yours truly.  To summarize, I told WEIC “I hope you guys know what the hell you are doing!”  I advised them if this winds up making students with disabilities lives harder, they will all hear from me.  I let them know Red Clay is already having issues with their inclusion program, and putting more students into the mix could make it tougher.  I advised them I am resigned to this going to a higher power at this point and I hope the best decision is made for the students.

As the only legislator present at the meeting (Senator David Sokola had a proxy vote of yes in his absence), State Rep. Potter’s vote surprised me.  I’ve heard from many that the true battle for the future of the redistricting effort and the WEIC plan will be in the General Assembly.  The wild card is not that we will have a budget deficit in Fiscal Year 2017, but how much it will be.

WEIC will continue after this into the new year.  It is a five year plan and the redistricting is just the first step.  Chair of WEIC Tony Allen wished everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza!

1 thought on “Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Passes Their Plan, 20-2-1

  1. I have been a bit out of the loop and admit I haven’t read the final plan, but two things strike me:

    1. I assume there is no price tag attached. If there were, that number would be the headline. What is the ask?

    2. ‘ It is a five year plan and the redistricting is just the first step. ” – wrong, FUNDING is the first step. Without funding there is no plan.

    Redistricting without state funding is a Trojan Horse to put the burden on Red Clay taxpayers. Tell me again, how did the prosperous Brandywine district get out of this deal? Oh right, that is explained right in the WEAC plan – political cowardice.

    And that Trojan Horse is packed inside an even bigger horse: When underfunded Red Clay district schools inevitably struggle in a race to the bottom, that will fuel an ever-larger charter expansion.


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