What If Santa Claus And Governor Markell Had A Fight? Who Would Win?

Governor Markell, Santa Claus


‘Tis the season to be jolly! I was thinking about the proclamation Santa Claus issued last week supporting opt-out, and I wondered what would happen the next time Governor Markell and Santa Claus are in the same room. What would happen? Who would win if they actually got into a fight? Jack probably wasn’t happy about Santa supporting the constitutional and honorable rights parents have to opt their kids out of standardized testing.  Santa was none too happy about the Smarter Balanced Assessment and Jack’s veto of House Bill 50.  If these two got into a brawl, Jack has the weight of an entire state behind him while Santa has an army of reindeer and elves ready to rain hell on little old Delaware.  Look at the pros and cons, and then vote in the poll!

One likes to give tests to kids, the other likes to give presents to kids

One likes to veto good opt-out bills, the other likes to opt-out of vetoes

One lives in the Northern part of the state, the other lives in the Northern part of the world

One rides the coattails of Arne Duncan, the other rides an open sleigh

One ignores parents while they’re awake, the other sees you when you’re sleeping

One has visions of 2025, the other has visions of sugarplums

One wants kids to be college and career ready, the other wants kids to be kids

One spends a lot of money for companies, the other spends time giving joy to the world

One helped Mark Murphy wreck education, the other helped Rudolph join the team

One has a budget deficit, the other has a bowl full of jelly




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