Governor Markell Shows Up At WEIC Meeting


Apparently, he felt the only way the commission could prove themselves worthy is if they took the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

The only way to see if this works is to see your proficiency.  If you can’t cut it, we will have to wait another year and see what your growth is.  If you show some rigor and grit, we will take a look at it then.

But seriously, he did show up for about ten minutes.  He thanked the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission for all their hard work.  The Governor emphasized the redistricting should not affect Red Clay residents and the funding will not come from them.  He reminded the Commission this is going to be a very tough budget year.  There were no questions, and Jack left.  That is the heart of it.  Thank you to my “reporter-on-the-fly” and my “photographer-on-the-fly” who submitted this information to me!  Not the Smarter Balanced stuff.  That was a complete lie on my part.


3 thoughts on “Governor Markell Shows Up At WEIC Meeting

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  2. Maybe he’s going to charge the $6m to a Family Foundations credit card. Promises you have no chance of keeping are promises you never intended to keep Jack.
    Rep. John Kowalko


  3. Very good opening of the article btw… Brings up a valid point… Just as taxation without representation created a movement founding this nation…. it begs how legislators, DOE consultants, AIR lobbyists, can foist the Smarter Balanced on our little children including those with disabilities, when they cannot pass the test themselves as professional grown-up adults…

    All legislators should be forced to take the test and post scores…. That should be mandatory, The first few who say this is ridiculous and weasels out, gets pelted with the label of OPTING OUT … Look! Earl Jacques can opt out… but parents can’t?

    It is a “must” that HB 50 gets a full vote to override its tabling, and that the veto is overridden the first week of legislature.


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