The Fellowship Ends…

Anyone reading this will surely know that I have changed the header image on this blog.  When I began this journey a year and a half ago, I saw the image as a good representative of the journey special needs children in Delaware have to take.  They are all different, but they are all travelling toward a common destination: adulthood.  Navigating them through education in Delaware is a nightmare of epic proportions.  That image is now gone, and I have put in a filler one for the meantime.  I would like to say this was well thought-out and planned, but it wasn’t.  For reasons beyond my control, I have been asked to take down the image of Frodo and Friends.  I am happy to comply, but I will miss seeing the journey every day.  But perhaps it is time to ramp things up on here, so be on the lookout for something more Delaware specific…

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