More on FairTest and Why You Should Call Your Legislators TODAY

Delaware! Heed this warning! What is going on in Maine and New Hampshire is very similar to Delaware. If you get a chance today, read this ESEA reauthorization. They are voting on it on 12/2, so we need to contact our legislators and say NO!

Save Maine Schools

Two days ago, I wrote a blog post warning that FairTest was giving bad advice regarding the ESEA rewrite.

Admittedly, I wrote the post in a bit of haste.  I had a baby tugging at my leg, family members begging me to get off the computer, a fiery incredulity at what FairTest  had written  regarding its support of the new ESEA, and – yes – a heart-pounding sense of panic over how much confusion there seems to be regarding what will be in the new ESEA, and how very little time we have left to stop or delay the vote (t-minus 5 days).

So, I apologize for not making clear my view on this issue.

First, let me be clear that no, I do not know Monty Neill or Bob Schaeffer of FairTest, and I trust those who tell me that they are both firmly dedicated to education and our students.


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