Delaware Met Teacher Defends…I Don’t Know What, Trying To Wrap My Head Around This One…

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Sometimes a comment just screams “I want my own post on this”!  This one definitely deserves a focus.  I posted last night about student comments at Delaware Met’s formal review public hearing.  Never in a million years did I expect an actual response from someone at the school.


9 thoughts on “Delaware Met Teacher Defends…I Don’t Know What, Trying To Wrap My Head Around This One…

  1. Good grief! Are you attacking Delaware MET teachers now too, Kevin? I am a long time fan of this blog, because I too care about holding political figures and education administration accountable for transparency. However, I have grown tired of reading about your “gotcha” obsession against many of the charter schools in our system. You seem preoccupied with rumors and speculation rather than the real systemic issues of our state. I assure you that these overworked underpaid teachers, who have been tasked with opening a new school under such a mess of a leadership, are not the problem. I think that you owe teachers everywhere an apology, and I hope that your other readers see through this witch hunt.


    1. As I stated in the title, and in a comment on the article, I really didn’t know what to think of this. I actually laughed when I read it. I can’t speak for the commenters rationale for posting that, but I actually thought it was funny and quite ingenious. I tackle rumors and speculation after I hear it from numerous sources. Sometimes this blog is comical in its approach, and other times it is very serious. I believe I tackle many of the systemic issues going on in education. One of the biggest systemic issues is charter schools and what goes on with them. I am not against the concept of charters, but I am greatly concerned with the behavior of many of the adults in charter schools. As I am with traditional school districts as well. The bulk of the information I get is about charter schools. That’s just a fact. I think most of the teachers who read this blog know I am on their side. Not every single time, but most of the time. As an unpaid blogger, I spend a great amount of time getting information out. You can choose to think it is a witch hunt. That is your prerogative. I choose to think a lot of the information, if I didn’t post it, either nobody would know about it or someone may act on it. I name names and hold people accountable just as many of those same people do in a myriad amount of ways. The difference is, I’m transparent about it. I would take this post as one of my more comical posts.

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      1. Thank you for your response. I hope that you don’t think of me as a troll. I just can’t imagine the defeated morale that those teachers must be working under. Now that we know that they are paying attention to your blog, let’s not make it worse. I am thankful for the hard work that they do every day, especially given their broken leadership. I was so happy to read when one of the teachers stood up for herself.


        1. This is far to funny to take a pass on. As you all know, I put myself out there with my name, rank and serial number. Now I can even add my age: I am 60. What I have noticed everyday is exactly the opposite. Since I have been working at the Met, several teachers walk around with Mason Jars with bright green :juice” that apparently they make at 5 am by juicing parsley, spinach and other healthy greens. It think they grown these organic vegetables in the same yard where they raise free range chickens. These green drinks sit on their desks all days so the kids see what healthy eating and drinking really looks like. It is really hard to enjoy a donut while conferencing with healthy fit teachers holding “green goodness” drinks.

          Wednesday we had a half day and we all went to eat Chinese on the Market Street Mall. As I am sucking down about 2,000 calories of deep friend sesame chicken, it seemed every other teacher was annoying me waiting for their custom order of steamed vegetables and tofu. I am not saying a teacher at the Met did not send the funny note- but I can tell you not one teacher has ever left the school to smoke or eat McDonalds. Sorry to be Debbie Downer


  2. Kevin- the teacher was just “messing with you”- they are over the top with organic food and god forgive if you carry your “take out” back from the deli in a plastic bag – it will end the planet. Their idea of Happy Hour is to add beets and ginger to the juice mixture- you know the type. And oh- there is the other English teacher that brings her own water from her well in a mason jar. Having a sense of humor is one of the requirements for good teaching in my book of tricks.


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