Breaking Exclusive Mammoth News! Newark Charter School Network! Or The Attempt!

Newark Charter School

My street-level sources found out some huge news today.  Turns out Newark Charter is looking to become a charter dynasty here in little old Delaware.  But one of their attempts didn’t work out quite the way they planned.  Instead of going to a charter leader at another Delaware charter with their recruitment into the Newark Charter Network, they went to one of their assistants instead.  When the charter leader found out, they fired the assistant immediately. Why would Newark Charter be looking to expand, let’s just say, south of the canal?  What game is afoot now with these crazy charters?  Newark Charter recently expanded to a K-12 school and they were bragging about their Smarter Balanced scores after they came out.  Sounds like they are getting a little bit ahead of themselves, especially trying to branch out to already established charters.

That would be like me opening up Exceptional Charter and going to Charter School of Wilmington asking them to join the Exceptional Network.  Has anyone else joined up with this “charter conglomerate”?  And is this in any way tied in to WEIC?  It’s time for all my eyes and ears to start looking and listening!

Say, what legislator was instrumental in getting Newark Charter going?  Doesn’t he sit on the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission?  And wasn’t he really pushing Senate Bill 122?  This makes other information I recently received make perfect sense now that I think about it!

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