DOE: Stop Being An Ostrich And Do The Right Thing! Shut Delaware Met Down!

Delaware DOE, Delaware MET

This is a short and simple message for the Delaware DOE: The Delaware Met is a dangerous place for students and staff.  Events there are out of control, much more than the public knows.  You need to shut this place down immediately!  Would you rather go through a week of having a black eye and getting negative press or do you think it is okay to leave an unsafe school open and run the risk of someone getting seriously hurt?  This is not your normal formal review charter school and you know it.  You need to do something NOW!  We both know much more is going to come out regarding this school.  You may even be hailed as heroes for doing the right thing in the long run.  But the longer you wait, the higher the risk.  How is that going to look when something really bad happens there (bigger than all the bad stuff that is going on there) and YOUR Department failed to act?  You will be a national embarrassment.

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