With All The Police Action At Delaware Met, How Does First State Montessori Academy Feel About That?

Delaware MET, First State Montessori Academy

Sometimes something just doesn’t click until it hits you.  This was the case today when I realized Delaware Met’s direct neighbor is First State Montessori Academy.  Can you imagine picking up your child at an elementary school to see students led out at the school next door in handcuffs?  Or you look out your window and see kids fighting?

french st

In the above picture, Delaware Met is at 920 N. French St. in Wilmington.  Right next to it with nothing but a street dividing them, sits First State Montessori Academy.  Even more ironic, their other neighbor to the side of them is the Carvel State Building, where the Delaware Department of Justice has their offices.  In fact, I would guess that Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn can see the school from his office window.  Only in Delaware!

First State Montessori services kids from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  Delaware Met has teenagers in 9th and 10th grade.  I’m sorry, but who plans this stuff?  I have some of the same concerns with the Community Education Building housing all the different schools and different grades.  This isn’t Little House on the Prairie!  I don’t think young students should be in any way exposed to whatever is going on over at Delaware Met.  There is a specific reason traditional school districts have middle schools and high schools strategically placed away from elementary schools.  I firmly believe the Delaware charters up in Wilmington should coordinate with each other so potential problems don’t occur.  It was announced last week that the Wilmington Police would have an officer outside the school in the afternoon when school got out.

4 thoughts on “With All The Police Action At Delaware Met, How Does First State Montessori Academy Feel About That?

  1. My children go to FSMA. Arrival and dismissal are very well coordinated, with extensive adult oversight/presence. It’s a well-oiled machine. There are very tight procedures for building access during the school day. I’ve been to the school numerous times during the day and have looked for signs of anything happening at MET every time. Haven’t seen anything. Do I love having the school in the news right across the street? No. Do I feel that my kids have been impacted by MET so far? No. You’d better believe my little “language and behavior police” would run home with any story they could – they love ratting out misbehaving teenagers… It’s not happening.
    if something does happen that impacts my kids or any of our school community, I won’t be going after the leadership of FSMA – I see how much they do, day in and day out, for the benefit and welfare of every child in that school… MET and Innovative Schools however, WILL have hell on wheels to deal with. Anyone who actually knows me can probably vouch for that not being a good thing.


    1. I wasn’t writing the article to talk about any dysfunction at FSMA, but Delaware Met. I’m glad nothing has carried over into FSMA’s world. I just get very concerned about things I’ve been hearing there from their formal review and all that.


      1. I hear ya and that’s how I took it – just saying that my kids and I aren’t seeing/feeling any impact so far and thank goodness.
        If it ever happens, I know I won’t be the only one walking across the street to tell them just how it’s gonna be.


  2. have to concur that all is groovy at first state…haven’t heard a peep from staff or kiddos, and my ear is pretty well down to the ground. i do have to say that i agree with the idea that schools should be placed strategically…unfortunately, as a charter, you don’t get that much choice. if there is a building, you must convince the realtor it is worth his/her time to rent to a school…this means that in effect buccini pollikn is responsible for charter placement, as they own majority of wilmington buildings. may be an interesting conversation to have with the real estate developers behind charters! 🙂


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