How Does The Rest Of Delaware Feel About Higher Property Assessments To Fund Our Schools?

Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission is proposing a plan for funding of the redistricting effort currently in the planning stages.  WEIC wants the state to look at increasing property assessments to raise more funding for our schools.  How do you feel about this?  With Wilmington schools as a test for a weighted formula funding, which would start there first, will Kent and Sussex counties support this without more funding going to their own schools?  WEIC does not have any true stakeholder input from Kent or Sussex right now.  I urge every Delaware citizen to read the below document and let WEIC know how you feel about this, as well as your state legislators.  Because if the State Board of Education passes this plan, it will go to the 148th General Assembly for a vote.

3 thoughts on “How Does The Rest Of Delaware Feel About Higher Property Assessments To Fund Our Schools?

  1. I don’t think property assessments need to be done specifically for Wilmington….but for much of Delaware. I am not saying I want to pay more taxes but our home hasn’t been assessed since 1982! and I am willing to pay my appropriate share. There are so many issues involved here so it will likely never happen…..and what about the old tax program where Red Clay gives a share to other Districts??? I can’t recall the specific name of this but it dates back to the 70’s, it’s long overdue to be cancelled…but it’s very hush hush…..I learned about it previous to the last Red Clay capital referendum, let’s take care of that too and get Red Clay our own monies back!

    We desperately need to fix the broken education system in Delaware, all of us need to band together and get it done…..


  2. Thank you Dawn! Not only has Kent not assessed since 1982, Sussex – where you have the millions of dollars in beach properties owned by people who don’t even live here – has not assessed since 1976. All this does is remove money from education and the politicians need to be held accountable for it. If Sussex doesn’t want to raise property taxes fine, then the county should have to pay the equivalent amount of funds that would come from property owners to the school districts. I support equalization measures but only if the counties are equal.


  3. I’m not sure throwing more money at education is the right thing to do. I thought they had enough money and that our country payed quite a bit for education per student? Providing more funding likely won’t help education, imo. Part of the problem is parents involvement in education… is extremely lacking. But how do you cure that?

    Part of the draw for people who move to this state is the low taxes.


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