Appoquinimink School Bus Driver Bullies Kid Being Bullied

Adults Who Bully, Appoquinimink School District

Many have seen this video already, and it is highly disturbing.  This child was being bullied by other students and he yelled to the bus driver to help.  This was her response.  The child’s parents are seething and I don’t blame them one bit.

This is what the parent wrote on Facebook:

This video needs to go viral…this is a video of my 11 year old son getting screamed at by his bus driver. He yelled at her because he felt she wasn’t helping a situation where he was being bullied and then hit several times about the face (we have pictures of his face) by the person bullying him. This is what followed. This is completely unacceptable! We are seething right now!!! We have contracted local authorities, transportation department, school and the local news. We WILL NOT stand for this! Our children need to be protected!!! His Dad and I will make sure this does NOT go away!!!

I agree, and make no mistake, adults can be bullies too.  These parents know how to reach me, and if they need any help with this I am readily available.  This nonsense with adults needs to stop.

12 thoughts on “Appoquinimink School Bus Driver Bullies Kid Being Bullied

  1. This is NOT exactly what happened. The parents of the boy that was hit about the face are going with what their son said. They never mentioned how their son was screaming at the bus driver and cursing at her. There are 3 sides to every story. This video only shows the bus driver losing her cool. Too bad the whole incident wasn’t caught on video.


    1. And how exactly would you know this? Were you on the bus? And are you condoning what the bus driver did? If the kid was getting bullied and hit in the face he would obviously be distraught and felt very alone especially with the bus driver doing nothing about it. Could that lead a bullied child who was physically hurt to lash out and get mad at the only adult who was supposed to be looking out for his safety to begin with? There may be different sides to a story, but when that story ends with an adult threatening a child, those other sides really don’t matter.


      1. Im sure it was her asshole kid bullying that poor child. I would have yelled and cussed the driver too. Kids bully and behave badly when they’re raised by trashy animals…good thing it wasn’t my child or this driver would have been beat within an inch of her low class life…


  2. This bus driver you are trash talking is one of the best drivers I have ever met. There is more to this story that is not being shown or talked about. First, you don’t see what was said prior to her stopping the bus. If you listen she says “you do not disrespect me…..” Obviously, something was said that was disrespectful. From what I was told this child was cursing at the driver.
    I also think this is ridiculous to make this viral. Especially when
    1. This is a one sided video
    2. As the parents stated this situation is being investigated
    3. Theres two sides to every story
    What I have witnessed in MOT Charter is a huge discipline problem. I have witnessed how children bully adults and the child/children have no repercussion. So adults are suppose to keep quiet? God forbid an adult snaps because that child/children push an adult to their breaking point. What is that teaching the children in school? It’s ok to be disrespectful and have no repercussions for their actions?This is allowing the child/children power to act however they want knowing nothing will happen to them and the adult has to pay the price. All due to lack of discipline from MOT Charter and lack of discipline from home.
    As I stated previously this woman, that everyone is basically saying is a piece of shit all over social media, is the kindest woman I have ever met. She’s one of the best bus drivers I’ve ever encountered. She has gone above and beyond for children. She has supported children in many ways. This bus driver even attended MOT Charter 8th grade graduation to witness the children that rode her bus graduate.
    I support this woman because I know first hand MOT Charter lacks discipline with their students.


    1. Okay, so when this bus driver says “I will lay f’in hands on you”, as the video states, what lesson does that send to children? Perhaps she had a bad day, whatever… Adults are supposed to be the role model for kids, not the other way around. Children will get out of control. When the adult loses control it becomes chaos personified. If you weren’t there, you are going by her word. The video is enough. It doesn’t matter what the kid said. He was also getting punched in the face, so he was obviously distraught. What kind of control does she have over her bus if she didn’t stop that? You can offer excuses for her, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter at all for the parents of this bullied child who watched an adult explode on their bullied child.


    2. For the record:
      The child did not attend MOT Charter. So when you want to throw “facts” out there, get them straight!
      This incident occurred on a bus that belongs to the Appoquinimink School District. MOT Charter is NOT affiliated with the district. If she is such an “amazing” person and was loved by “so many”, then why isnt she still with oh holy MOT Charter??
      She was a substitute driver on the bus that this incident occurred on. Being a bus driver, teacher, principal, nurse, etc DOES NOT give you an “all clear” to scream, yell, threaten or discipline someone elses child in any way you see fit. There are rules, laws, guidelines, regulations, and appropriate measures to take when you are employeed in these roles.
      Stopping the bus, and contacting the school should have been step one if a situation was escalating out of control. This is a JOB, she isnt a volunteer. She is being paid to drive these children, and keep them safe. If she cannot fulfill the duties of her job then she should seek employment else where. If you cannot calmy resolve a situation there is ALWAYS a more effective resolution. She had a supervisor she could have contacted. And if a child was being assulted the police could/should have been contacted right away.
      Heres some food for thought: The employees at Acme are paid to do a job. If they were to begin screaming and threatening children that were throwing apples in the store, they would be fired on the spot. It is unacceptable behavior. End of story! There is NEVER an okay time to speak to or treat a child in this manner when it is your JOB to make them feel protected, and safe.
      She deserves without a doubt to have her CDL license pulled for good. She should be charged for threatening and harassment of a minor. We’ll see how much screaming and yelling shes does when shes picking up trash on the side of route 1. Karma is a bitch My dear. Actions have consequences, and you are no better than the 12 year old that was bullying. Way to dumb yourself down and stoop to the level of a middle schooler.
      Maybe we should start making bus drivers take the same standardized tests that the children are forced to take to see where they place. The Results will surely speak for themselves!


  3. No, I am not making excuses for the bus driver. As a matter of fact I don’t have her side of the story. I know her character. Like I mentioned you don’t see what made her stop the bus. However, I know first hand how children act in the school. I also know how administration handles situations when children disrespect adults.
    The fact of the matter is this woman is human and made a mistake. We don’t know the whole story. Plus, the comments I have read on Facebook disgust me. You have no idea what it is like to work around children who have no respect for adults and get away with it.
    There is more to the story then what is being told.
    This bus driver was an excellent driver. She is kind hearted with a huge heart.


  4. One more thought, how are the parents any different by posting the video on social media and Internet?? It’s being taken care of. Police are investigating. It’s not like this was brushed under the rug. Publicly shaming her is bullying too. Think about it.


    1. There is public shaming and there is making parents aware of what goes on. I thank God the fellow student filmed this. Otherwise it would have been hearsay, and the other bullies could have stuck up for the bus driver, making the bullied student not only feel along, but also demoralized. I’m sure the bus driver regrets her actions, but I have to wonder where that much anger against a child comes from. Some place with a lot of pain I would imagine…


  5. As a bus driver myself, I understand what these kids are capable of. I’ve had kids as young as five threaten to stab me. I’ve been cursed at, hit, spit on, etc. I feel for this driver because she was pushed over the edge by this situation. However, that does not excuse cursing at and threatening a child! It doesn’t matter if we saw the whole video or a brief few seconds. Our district has cameras on all buses. This is supposed to be a seasoned driver so she really should have known better. Our district would have fired the driver.


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