Holy Crap! What The Hell Do Students At Delaware Met Do All Day?

Delare Met

The Delaware State Board of Education and Acting Secretary Steven Godowsky put the Delaware Met on formal review status on Thursday.  On Friday, the Charter School Office at the DOE sent out their formal review notification letter.  It is one thing to be unprepared.  But this, this is at a level unheard of.  What in the name of all that is holy have these people been doing for the past two years while planning to open their school?  Even more concerning, is what are the students doing all day?

The true shockers about this school lie within this document.  Every single thing I reported on September 25th about this school is in here with one exception.  But there is quite a bit more.  I sincerely hope the State Board of Education takes a hard look at the people who want to open up charter schools before making a decision.  Obviously, this group has been a complete and utter failure for the students and parents who trusted them to provide a good education.

And the timeline for their formal review:

6 thoughts on “Holy Crap! What The Hell Do Students At Delaware Met Do All Day?

  1. The most disgusting fact of the matter is that this Governor, Jack Markell, and his anointed State Board of Education are encouraging and allowing this Charter School rampage to grow and they are directly responsible for the woeful treatment of thousands of children. Malfeasance in office and abuse of power are prominent causes of the disease they are spreading. They must be stopped and stopped now before any more children are irreperably damaged. You’d have to be soulless to not realize what you are doing.
    representative John Kowalko


  2. Wow, this is crazy and scary. As I said before, I was a teacher in the opening year of a charter school and it was a nightmare. The leaders were totally unprepared for the reality of actual children and their needs day in and day out. I bet nobody on the Delaware MET school board or leadership team has ever been in a classroom except for being a student themselves, maybe a parent of a student. Everyone thinks they know what running a school is like or being a teacher is like because they have spent years being a student in a classroom within a school. Sorry, teaching is a profession for a reason. If anyone at Delaware MET had asked a teacher about their charter when they were writing it, he/she would have told them that their plans were rubbish. How does the DOE approve these charters? Can’t they recognize BS when it is smeared all across the paper?


  3. The delaware met charter school has made so many promises to the students and the parents that the kids would have what they need and want to get a great education thought to the last couple months I’ve seen a lot of things have went wrong and heard of too many things went wrong I don’t think The Delaware Met should be open .It should be closed to the public and reopen when it is reviewed when the public can review it. So they can great teachers and have the school run the right way.Their are to much bullying and fighting going around and to much hands on i want my child out of that school. THE SOONER THE BETTER


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