Ask Dr. Godowsky: Submit Your Questions Here

Delaware Senate, Dr. Steven Godowsky

The Delaware Senate will be having a meeting on October 28th to consider the nomination of Dr. Steven Godowsky for the role of Secretary of Education in Delaware.  Since October 1st, the role is in an interim capacity.  What questions do you think the Delaware Senate should ask Dr. Godowsky when they meet with him?  Now is the time for the Senate to really dig in and find out not only what he plans to do, but what he won’t do.  We need to find out if Dr. Godowsky is simply there to fulfill Governor Markell’s agenda until the end of his gubernatorial term or if he is truly there for change.  Please place your questions for Dr. Godowsky in the comments section and I will make sure this information gets to the Delaware Senate.  We need Dr. Godowsky to be his own man and not a puppet for the Delaware DOE, the Delaware State Board of Education, and Governor Markell.

7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Godowsky: Submit Your Questions Here

  1. I would hope Mr. Pettyjohn, who was appointed to “review” all the test requirements imposed on DE schools attends ????


  2. What are your thought on the new national core arts standards (I actually hate the name, but like the standards, they are not the common core we have now!) these standards were sponsored by professional organizations. Created by arts teachers who actually taught those levels and reviewed many times over by REAL arts teachers most from Delaware! Markell said NO, what do you say? Check out check credits no rodeo or Pearson or college board mentioned just teachers and their employers.

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  3. Good evening sir, My son is in the eight grade at Prestige Academy and I look forward to him graduating from there. He’s been there since five grade. I feel if the State wants to close at school they should at least wait til the end of the school year instead of the middle. Think about the students that have worked hard to achieve their goals and look forward to graduating from a school they been at since 5th grade. This is the only all boy school in DE. Mr. Greenlea didn’t even get a chance to prove what he can do because of factors that have spread structured before he even came there. So as a parent that works with children as well, I say to you sir please look at the situation and over turn the matter of closing Prestige Academy at the end of year and give Prestige Academy the same time as Academy of Dover til next year. I welcome you and I thank you for listening.(REMEMBER ITS ABOUT THE CHILDREN)


    1. What’s this about Prestige Academy closing at the end of the year? This is the first I’ve heard about that. I know they are on probation stemming from their formal review for low enrollment and academics, but this is the first I’ve heard about the possibility of the school closing.


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