Another Lewis With Fake Credentials Destroys Something Good

Marie Lewis, National Special Education Advocacy Institute

Fake Credentials.  It’s a stupid thing to do in this day and age.  And you will get caught.  Putting a fake college name on your resume or LinkedIn is just asking for trouble.  For one special education advocate, this is exactly what happened.  But this isn’t just any special education advocate, this one the CEO of a major advocacy company called National Special Education Advocacy Institute.  I just wrote about this company a month ago when I received notice they were having certified special education advocacy courses in Wilmington at $195 a class.  Someone tipped off Fox29 in Philadelphia because they did a huge investigation into Marie Lewis, the CEO of this company.  The video and article make it crystal clear why I can not and will not endorse this company.  Fraud is fraud and it absolutely disgusts me someone with fake credentials would try to profit off students with disabilities and parents trying to help.

Where she’d go to school? It just says “R.U.”

“Where’s your Ph.D. from?” Cole asked.

“From Rockville University,” Lewis said.

“Where’s that, ma’am?” Cole followed-up.

“And so, why are you asking that question?” Lewis asked.

We wanted to know where it is.

“Well, Rockville used to be in Maryland, and they moved, and they actually were absorbed by another school,” Lewis told us.

We checked with Maryland’s Higher Education Commission. No college or university may operate in the state without commission approval, and it has no record of a “Rockville University” when Lewis claims she got her Ph.D. in 2008.

There are also huge issues with their IRS certification as well with questions if they are a for profit or non-profit business.  In the title to this I mentioned another Lewis with fake credentials.  This distinction belongs to Ann Lewis, the former Head of School of the now closed Pencader Business School in New Castle, DE.


9 thoughts on “Another Lewis With Fake Credentials Destroys Something Good

  1. I was in the last class when the shizzle hit the fan last year. I finished the last class and got certified because the training was excellent. I do agree the RU fiasco is a bit too much but her knowledge of special education law and processes is top shelf. Are you sure the credentials are fake? Because I couldn’t find much through my investigation…


    1. Whether or not she knew her stuff is irrelevant. She simply started a company offering her version of a certification. It is misleading to everyone involved..students and the families they serve.


  2. I knew that this was ridiculous. Special Education Advocacy Certification is a crock. Anyone can start a company to say that they offer “certifications.”

    If I had the time, I would help more families. I learned the hard way…. 🙂


  3. I don’t disagree with the misrepresentation of that in fact what it was. In saying she is very knowledgeable should have probably left out the Doctor Lewis. And yes anyone can start a company but to be knowledgeable is a little different. I would check a class out for free, scrutinize if need be, then judge the spec ed knowledge.


  4. Not to mention it took me 17 years to learn which is why listening to her makes me confident she is knowledgeable. People who go just to get the cert are shallow and expect the paper will position them as an expert which it will not…


    1. I wouldn’t necessarily call them shallow. For $195 a course, and a certification, I would hope they get their money’s worth. With that kind of coin, I damn well better be an expert!


  5. Wow. I attended one of Mrs. Lewis first, free Special Education Advocacy Training’s at the Arc of Chester County. Most of the participants hung onto her every word and appeared to worship her skills and expertise. I am very surprised that she felt the need to fraudulently misrepresent herself, especially in today’s technological climate where credentials can be instantaneously verified at the click of a mouse. I understood her to say that she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Rockville University, that’s a new one. So sad!
    Thanks Fox 29 for bringing this issue to light.


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