Kendall Massett Thinks Del Met Team Should Get More Time. The Students Can’t Afford That.

Delaware MET

Kendall Massett, the Executive Director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, gave the News Journal a quote tonight about the Delaware Met story playing out before our very eyes.

“The process for getting a charter is extremely rigorous,” Massett said. “Look, it’s difficult to open up a new school. The team here just needs more time to get things to where they need to be. I’m glad to see this board asking hard questions, though.”

What she, and obviously the rest of the board at this school don’t seem to get is these students can’t wait around for the school to figure it out.  They aren’t an experiment.  This school should have been ready from day one.  They knew they had a large population of special education students coming.  They met their 80% enrollment last Spring, otherwise they would have gone on formal review like the two other charters at the time.  All they are doing now is making excuses.  The fact they started the year with two special education teachers with a population of 60 students with disabilities is preposterous.  And the Delaware DOE let this happen.  But thank God we have legislators like State Rep. Sean Matthews who understands the reality behind the pipe dreams these charter schools live in.

 If the state is going to approve charters, they should be under enough scrutiny from the state that they don’t encounter problems like this, he said.

Amen Rep. Matthews!

3 thoughts on “Kendall Massett Thinks Del Met Team Should Get More Time. The Students Can’t Afford That.

  1. That chick is out of her freakin mind! So we are supposed to waste tax payer dollars until these boneholes get their shit together? Get the f%^*k outta here! Close this place down now and return their funding back to state! Put those kids in a traditional public school and call it a damn day already.

    The next thing you know Kendall is going to propose that Eastside Charter take these clowns over too. Who knows, maybe the Eastside/FFA boards can take over Del Met and control these funds as well.

    Just curious…Are the board members of Del Met all from Delaware or do they have out of state board members controlling our Delaware tax dollars too?

    These charters are out of control!


  2. Of course she is going to say something like this… Since she took over the entire Charter establishment in Delaware as completely blown up the trash mountain…

    They are in complete disarray. Which means our students are getting short sticked. The only solution is to ban charters in this upcoming legislative session… with some realistic phasing out plan.

    Someone give us a bill, like you did HB 50… Banish Charters from Delaware.


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