How Were These Scores Set? (Every Parent Is Wondering Today).



You should have your child’s score today or tomorrow.. Every parent will look and say : “WTF kid, you’ve gone down!”

Blame not your child. Blame not his teacher… Instead, blame Jack Markell… (Mark Murphy leaves in 9 days so all the blame on him will be sent there simply to shift it from where it deserves to lie which is),  Blame Dave Sokola.  Blame Earl Jacques… These three destroyed your child’s score….

The achievement level setting process was set by two groups. an online panel that allowed broad stakeholder participation and provided a wide data set, and a more traditional in-person workshop that provided focused judgment from a representative stakeholder panel...  Both panels used the “Bookmark Proceedure”, (Lewis, Mitzel, Mercado, & Schultz, 2012),

In technical speak  each multiple-choice item was mapped in accordance with its “probability of correct response” for each scale score, and each constructed response item was mapped once…

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