Faculty at U. Of Memphis Opposes Relay “Graduate” School of Education

Delaware DOE, are you reading this? How much of the $505,000 have you paid Relay?

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Faculty members at the University of Memphis are fighting any partnership between the university and the Relay “Graduate School of Education.”

The student newspaper writes:

“Can Relay Graduate School of Education produce quality educators after a one-year teaching residency in one of Memphis’ charter schools?

“The University of Memphis is reconsidering this question after faculty senate members have asked university president David M. Rudd to reevaluate the potential impact of a proposed partnership between the university, Relay, and Shelby County Schools/ Achievement School District.

“The proposed program is drawing concern from faculty members and people in the community, where charter schools already use young teachers who obtain teaching certification from other non-traditional programs such as Teach for America or Memphis Teacher Residency.

“The faculty senate unanimously voted to independently investigate any risks that Relay might pose to current university programs. Additionally, a task force likely to include Provost Karen Weddle-West…

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2 thoughts on “Faculty at U. Of Memphis Opposes Relay “Graduate” School of Education

  1. John kowalko
    September 13, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Jack Markell supports the “Relays” and the added costs of unproven alternative route programs because he is hellbent on spending taxpayer money on “resume” building non-educator programs such as TFA. Before any voters or organizations such as PTA and DSEA support any ambitions of pols who choose to move up the ladder you better consider their support for TFA and their acceptance of the “TEMBO” report as anything other than srap-paper worthy. Even “TEMBO” winning an RFP with no experience or credentials couldn’t obscure the multiple failings (and they tried like hell) of TFA and its ineffectiveness and harmful results in educating the neediest students. Always judge someone’s ambitions with a circumspect view of their agenda. If they prove time and again to hold the wrong view regarding something as important as public education combined with no apparent willingness to experience or learn important intimacies of the subject than please support another for the childrens’ sake.

    Representative John Kowalko


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