Well, What If We Merged All The Districts In Kent And Sussex Counties

Delaware School Districts

Apparently, this topic actually came up tonight at the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission.  But it’s been looked at before.  Way back in the early years of the 21st Century, the 141st General Assembly passed House Resolution #54.  This resolution directed the Secretary of Education to do a feasibility study on the possibility of consolidating all the school districts in Kent and Sussex.  The Secretary did it, and, well, look what happened…

2 thoughts on “Well, What If We Merged All The Districts In Kent And Sussex Counties

  1. “Finally, there have been numerous studies in the past that have reviewed the manner in which Delaware funds public education. ***Virtually all of these studies have concluded that Delaware’s system is fundamentally sound, and requires only marginal adjustments rather than a significant overhaul.*** This study reaches the similar conclusion that the existing district configuration is essentially sound and only marginal adjustments should be further explored.

    1 word response to the above: LOL. I get this document is outdated, but how they could seriously look at the funding model and project that it would continue to be sound is laughable. Although to be fair, they did not know about the looming Charter bomb.


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