14 Years

Those In Favor

photo by Ben Sturner photo by Ben Sturner

Sitting in my history and systems of psychology class in Memorial Hall at UD taught by Dr. John McLaughlin. Sitting in the second to last row of desks, just to the left of his desk. Just before the end of the class, someone came in and whispered something in his ear and he ended class by saying something had happened in New York and DC and we should head straight back to our dorms and find out what’s going on. I walked out of Memorial to see my sister, and my girlfriend at the time both coming up the steps in tears, almost hysterical saying a plane flew in to the WTC. Didn’t believe it at first. Got back to my room, turned on our little 13″ TV and my jaw hit the floor. Saw the 1st tower go down. Saw the second one go down…

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

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