Delaware School Success Framework Is Regulation 103: * Opt-Out Penalty * Action Schools * Focus Schools * Priority Schools *

Delaware School Success Framework, Delaware School Success Report, Regulation 103


Now Exceptional Delaware has yet another place to look for information and changes the Delaware Department of Education are trying to squeak into state regulation.  I have found the actual regulation for the Delaware School Success Report in the monthly Delaware Register of Regulations for September.  It is still a proposed regulation but the deadline for public comment is 10/1/15.  I’m glad I found yet another source of information for me to be on top of in this state.  I’m going to have come up with some kind of parent guide to navigate through all this stuff in case I ever become incapacitated or die or whatever.

Yes, this regulation already has the participation rate penalty as part of the regulation, even though it was never on the actual ESEA waiver the public was able to view and comment on.  For the calendar of events/public hearing notices in the registrar, it has a listing of what the options are for the public to comment on a regulation or any hearings to attend based on the regulation.  For all of them EXCEPT Regulation 103, it states what the regulation is and what the public can do.  For Regulation 103, all it says is:

The State Board of Education will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. in the Townsend Building, Dover, Delaware.
So I have the actual regulation with it’s exact proposed wording below.  Where is the public notification of this regulation in printed material?  In the meantime, if you have never read a long document on Scribd, this is the time WHERE YOU MUST READ EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS BECAUSE THIS IS THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN DELAWARE!!!!!!!!!!!  Every single legislator, parent, teacher, staff member, principal, district worker, district administrator, superintendent, board member and citizen needs to read this.  Because if you don’t act NOW, it will be too late.  AND THERE IS NO WAY THE 148TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY WILL BE ABLE TO OVERRIDE THE HOUSE BILL 50 VETO once this goes into effect because it will go against STATE LAW!  You MUST write or email the DOE by October 1st, and give public comment at next week’s State Board of Education meeting, on September 17th, to voice your strong objection to this absolute state takeover of our neediest schools based on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  The Delaware School Success Report is NOT the same as the Delaware School Success Framework.  The report is just the pretty little report card parents will get on the school.

17 thoughts on “Delaware School Success Framework Is Regulation 103: * Opt-Out Penalty * Action Schools * Focus Schools * Priority Schools *

  1. WTF?

    Any school with fewer than 95% of the students as an aggregate or withineach subgroup participating in the State assessments of English language arts or mathematics shall have itsaccountability rating reduced, as determined by the Department.


  2. “AND THERE IS NO WAY THE 148TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY WILL BE ABLE TO OVERRIDE THE HOUSE BILL 50 VETO once this goes into effect because it will go against STATE LAW!”

    Actually legislators will still be able to override the veto of HB 50. Only legislators can change state law. Agencies are tasked with regulations, but regulations are not laws. And legislators can- if they are willing- put up bills that will nullify those regulations, forcing those agencies to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the regulations. The only thing that legislators cannot override is the Delaware Constitution- and of course even then it is possible, just quite difficult and with very many rules and a lot of time to do so.
    That said, it is SO important to keep up the pressure on the State Board. They must be forced to realize that the people’s will must be heard.
    Thanks for finding this and airing it, Kevin. It is exhausting climbing all the walls they keep erecting to keep us out, but you do the yeoman’s work for us.

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  3. Kevin, I’m not sure you have the contact information for PTA members but I suggest you originate a letter opposing this verbal vomit spewed by DOE and send the “sample letter” to all PTA members and let them use the sample asr their own submission.  Most people are not good letter writers and if you tell them to “write in” they’re not going to do it they expect someone else to do it.  The letter should be addressed to the DOE, reference in the subject line what its being sent in response to, and will carry the parents/teachers own signature.  I would include in the sample letter a blank space for the parent to insert their childs (children’s) names and ages to make the letter appears more personal.  Another “sample letter” should be originated for teachers.  Maybe leave a blank for them to fill in the number of years they’ve worked as a teacher.  Using a sample letter is standard operating procedures for PAC’s (political action committee’s) to get the DOW/Markell & CO to listen to constituents.  Make sure the letter(s) are only 1 page – do not get too verbal and go 2 and 3 pages long it defeats the purpose of the letter writing campaign – you’re looking for numbers not content.  I didn’t see a web site listed for electronic write-ins so you may want to check on that angle as many people prefer email to USPS plus they don’t have USPS stamps and probably no envelopes.          Ginny Hall 


  4. I support funding to hire a few individuals who provide information to the parents and taxpayers on what our educators are doing, the issue currently being discussed is justification for this funding. How much of our money is being expended to provide us information they want us to do, yet not one dime on what we need to know.
    PTA should demand funding’


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