World War III Erupts In Christina With Hiring Of Andrzejewski As Interim Superintendent

Christina School District

Last night, the Christina School District Board of Education voted 4-3 to hire former Red Clay Superintendent Robert Andrzejewski become the Interim Superintendent.  Last month, Superintendent Freeman Williams left on a leave of absence.  Apparently, allegations are already making the rounds on social media that this was just one board member’s pick.  No interview was held by anyone in the district and a motion was made to vote on Andrzejewski.  Another board member introduced an amendment to this and was pushed to the side.

From Facebook:

Unbelievable outcome at the Christina School Board business meeting tonight. A “board of 1” railroaded through her choice for acting superintendent. This person who will be “hired” has not been interviewed by anyone in the district. Major violations of board policy and state code took place. Public action needs to be taken! This board member is on a power trip that has to stop. She also has a hand picked candidate for the deputy superintendent position that she plans to railroad into place just as she did the acting superintendent tonight. She showed blatant disregard for proper procedure tonight, as did two other board members, no make that three others, when they refused to address another member’s amendment to the motion to vote this person into office. This board, as a whole, is out of control!

While I was not in attendance at this board meeting, it is obvious board members John Young and Elizabeth Campbell Paige, based on their social media comments, were not yes votes for this pick.  The agenda for this business meeting of the Board stated the following:

Sep 03, 2015 – General Business Meeting
1. Review Applications and Select Candidates for Interviews for Acting Superintendent; alternatively, the Board of Education may select an Acting Superintendent.
Andrzejewski, commonly known as “Bob A” in Delaware, served as Red Clay Superintendent during a time of great financial turmoil and this culminated in a State Auditor investigation into financial mismanagement in the district, as seen in the below documents:
This will be very interesting to watch.  The last thing Christina, with two failed referendums in their rear-view mirror, needs is someone with even a hint of controversy around financial matters.  Andrzejewski is more than that.  As soon as I get the official vote roll, I will update this article.  As well, allegations of violations of state code and board procedure have been brought up already, so I will be looking into what these potential violations may be as well.  But this board is definitely heading for a showdown, in more than one way!
UPDATED 9:20am, 9/4/15: The no votes were board members Elizabeth Paige, Shirley Saffer and John Young.  Which leaves the yes votes to President Harrie-Ellen Minnehan, Vice-President Fred Polaski, George Evans and David Resler.
UPDATED 2:03pm, 9/4/15: The Christina School District sent out the following press release today-

September 4, 2015


Wendy Lapham, Public Information Officer, Christina School District, 302-552-2610 

Christina Board Votes to Appoint Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

Wilmington, DE — The Christina Board of Education voted on September 3 to extend an offer to serve as Acting Superintendent to Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski.

Andrzejewski  has served since 2009 as the president and chief executive officer of Innovative Educational Associates, and has worked with the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce to redesign its Superstars in Education Program. He served from 2010-2014 as the executive director of the Delaware Mentoring Council. His experience as a public school superintendent includes serving as superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 1997-2009. He also served in the Red Clay Consolidated School District as assistant superintendent for administrative services, as a principal of Conrad Middle School and Shortlidge Elementary School, and as an assistant principal of Dickinson High School and Conrad Middle School.

Dr. Andrzejewski holds a doctorate degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in special education, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, all from the University of Delaware.

                The next meeting of the Christina Board of Education will be on Tuesday, September 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School.

# # #

Wendy Lapham, Public Information Officer
Christina School District

600 N. Lombard St.

Wilmington, DE 19801


3 thoughts on “World War III Erupts In Christina With Hiring Of Andrzejewski As Interim Superintendent

  1. Bad move. How are they paying this salary ? I also hear they are interviewing for Deputy Super. How can you convince citizens that you are being cautious with money when you fill both spots? Class sizes are way too large. Money could be better spent.


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