New York Superintendent Writes Best Letter Ever: “I Do Not Care…”

New York Superintendent Letter

If every single Superintendent in the country wrote letters like this, our country would have much better education.  Congratulations to Superintendent Michael Hynes from the Patchogue-Medford School District for writing this VERY awesome letter!


5 thoughts on “New York Superintendent Writes Best Letter Ever: “I Do Not Care…”

  1. Holy Cow! Now that’s the kind of superintendent we can only hope and pray for down here in Floriduh! Our superintendent called TNTP in to “review” our teaching practices and set off a brawl between those frauds and Marzano’s gang of snake-oil peddling shysters, as we already had a contract with them. What a mess! We have no hope of ever having a real, credentialed superintendent like Dr. Hynes, because we’ve got an elected superintendent! My hat goes off to Dr. Hynes for leaning hard into a cold, driving rain! Thanks Kevin!


  2. This is what happens when you’re the Superintendent of a district where referendums are an annual event. Amazing that the locations where this happens have the strongest community support for Opt out. The people paying the bills want the money spent on instruction, not extra tests. Remember, New York had the Regents exams for seventy years before “high stakes national testing” came along.

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    1. You are right on target! Our (FL) state government, after wasting literally billions on homegrown, “reinventing the wheel” tests, has recently decided to “explore” returning to the SAT or ACT! Teachers and parents have been telling them to do so ever since JebbyBoy Bush bought his governorship with other people’s money! A state legislator, John Legg, just wrote an op-ed in a local paper bragging about putting 100 million toward technology in classrooms. What he didn’t mention was that the Floriduh legislature paid AIR 400 million to develop and oversee the new FL. Standards Assessment, which turned out to be a complete disaster. After a rapidly growing statewide revolt began to threaten their next election campaigns, the same clowns ordered a validity study on the test! And the central focus of the test is to (d)evaluate teachers! Seriously! The Speaker of the Florida house and president of the senate all but said so! As if Florida doesn’t make itself national laughingstock often enough! I am going to copy that letter and send it to my superintendent! “Dear Mr. Superintendent, Here’s what a REAL superintendent does!”

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