“Special” Versus Main Stream Education



There is a reason we call it “Special Education.”

It was simply because “regular education” was not enough for some human beings…  We had to do different things, teach in different ways, and expect different results…  Some of these have disabilities that prevent them from being productive in adult life..  That is the cast of fate’s die.  But a super-majority of those who pass through the halls of special education do acquire basic skills that allow them to hold down jobs, and live lives that benefit both them, and society at large…..

So this new idea coming from Arne Duncun that we have to test those in “special education” with the very difficult tests we are giving their peers, a test all adults think if gibberish, is very bizarre.

It would be the equivalent in the world of transportation, of forcing the Amish to feed their horses gasoline, so we can have…

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