Smarter Balanced Assessment Toolkit Revealed! Parents: Call The DOE!

Smarter Balanced Assessment

Thanks to Delaware Deep Throat for getting me pieces of the puzzle called the Smarter Balanced Toolkit.  I don’t think I have it all yet, but we are on the right track.  Below you will find a copy of the parent report and the lingo that will be in it.  I love how they pin it on teachers on the very first page!

Developed with input from Delaware K–12 teachers, higher education faculty, and other experts.

And then we have the FAQs they want parents to ASK teachers.  Hey parents, don’t ask the teachers.  They have enough on their plate already.  Call the Delaware Department of Education.  The phone number for the Office of Assessment is (302) 857-3391.  The Interim Director is Dr. Carolyn Lazar.  She should be able to answer the billion questions you will have about this farce of an assessment!

While that may seem a bit unfair, keep in mind the teacher who gave the assessment most likely isn’t the same teacher your child had when they took the assessment.  Furthermore, the teachers don’t get to keep the questions and they don’t even know what any student answered.  The DOE might know! Ask them!  And if they don’t know, try Governor Markell.  Ask him about the data on how many students got question #10 wrong.  That will keep him busy!

Exceptional Delaware Wants The Magical “Toolkit” About The SBAC Results

Delaware DOE, Smarter Balanced Assessment

On Friday evening I posted a picture of a not-so secret email from the Delaware DOE that was sent to all Delaware Superintendents and Charter heads concerning Smarter Balanced Assessment results and timetables.  As well, it had sources parents and citizens could look at online to get more information about the Smarter Balanced Assessment and Common Core.  But one thing it had that I have heard reference to is this mysterious “toolkit”.  This is a link in the email that gives districts “templates you can adapt, such as presentations, robo call scripts and letters, as well as background information on Smarter.”

If anyone has taken a trip down the rabbit hole and into this magical “toolkit”, let me know.  I am very curious as to what all this looks like.  I’ve heard there is reference to teachers getting blamed for the test because they gave possible material for it.  Like I said last week, don’t believe the future hoopla.  It’s all been carefully designed by the Delaware Department of  Education to get the blame shifted off them.  Most of you know how to reach me…

“Special” Versus Main Stream Education



There is a reason we call it “Special Education.”

It was simply because “regular education” was not enough for some human beings…  We had to do different things, teach in different ways, and expect different results…  Some of these have disabilities that prevent them from being productive in adult life..  That is the cast of fate’s die.  But a super-majority of those who pass through the halls of special education do acquire basic skills that allow them to hold down jobs, and live lives that benefit both them, and society at large…..

So this new idea coming from Arne Duncun that we have to test those in “special education” with the very difficult tests we are giving their peers, a test all adults think if gibberish, is very bizarre.

It would be the equivalent in the world of transportation, of forcing the Amish to feed their horses gasoline, so we can have…

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Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Presentation To Christina Board of Education

Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

On 8/12/2015, Tony Allen and Dan Rich with the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission gave a presentation to the Christina School District Board of Education.  Last week, I wrote about their presentation to the board at Red Clay Consolidated School District.  Tomorrow is WEIC’s first actual meeting, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Red Clay district office at 1502 Spruce Avenue in Wilmington in the 1st floor conference room.

But in the meantime, you can check out what was presented to the board at Christina.  While very similar to their Red Clay presentation, there are some differences.

USDOE Wants Most Special Ed Students to Take Common Core Assessments


deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

Effective September 21, 2015, a number of special education students nationwide will be required to learn the same “college and career ready standards” and to take the same assessments as students in regular education.

In 2007, the US Department of Education (USDOE) modified Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (the latest version of which is No Child Left Behind–NCLB) to allow states to instruct students receiving special education services using modified academic achievement standards and administer special education students alternate assessments based on those modified academic achievement standards.

In August 2013, the USDOE published in the Federal Register its intention to require most students receiving special education services to be taught using the same “college and career ready standards” and associated assessments effective September 2015.

In August thru November 2013, the USDOE opened public comments regarding the shift of most special education students to being held…

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