Is Delaware DOE Trying To Stop School Computers From Getting To WordPress Blogs?

Delaware DOE, Freedom of Speech

I’m starting to hear from educators around the state that anyone using school internet is getting the “This website may not be safe, are you sure you want to go there?” message.  This is not all state internet, just the schools.  Is this fallout from my article last week about a certain employee in the Townshend building down in Dover, or are they tracking how many teachers and staff members are reading the blogs?

You can still get to the blogs, just hit yes.  Many have told me they are doing that anyways.  I tried it from the State-Guest internet connection, and I got in no problem.  If the DOE or whoever is trying to control what kind of media educators can get to, this is not a good sign.  It is a big brother type of mentality.  I’m sure they would never block the News Journal because they are basically the DOE’s public relations arm.  But I guess the DOE doesn’t want educators reading the news that might speak out against them.  So much for freedom of speech.

Delaware Educators: I strongly encourage you to hit yes when you get this freedom-preventing message on your computer screen, and continue to read Kilroy’s Delaware, Kavips, Transparent Christina and Exceptional Delaware.  As well as Diane Ravitch, Duetsch29, and all the rest!

12 thoughts on “Is Delaware DOE Trying To Stop School Computers From Getting To WordPress Blogs?

  1. The bigger surprise is that WordPress hasn’t been blocked before. Given the guidelines that most employers put around workplace internet usage, sites that are known blog hosts are often blocked. Fact of life. Hard to make a case for reading blogs on company time – not to mention that you don’t want students doing it.


  2. “Given the guidelines that most employers put around workplace internet usage…”

    A school or a district office is not an ordinary workplace. It is an academic institution and needs broad access to the knowledge of the outside world, for students as well as workers. I want teachers to know what is going on in the world. It is part of the job.

    Sure, block porn, sports, and entertainment sites, but leave the rest of it alone. Fortunately the question of blocking Internet sites is becoming moot, as more and more people now carry their own Internet connection in their pocket.

    Does anyone remember when many employers blocked or heavily restricted use of their phones on company time, and the headaches that caused with checking in with family, making appointments, etc.? That is a thing of the past now that most of us have our own phones.

    But if they block Facebook there will probably be a revolution.


  3. Whenever I’m blocked from something at work, I make a point of looking it up when I get home to see why? I then tend to read it more avidly… Are other people not like this? I don’t think so.. I think it all of us are and suspect it stems from the ubiquitous mommy saying… “don’t read that..” which is really saying: “read it later when I will never know about it…

    There would be a giant PR risk for the state to implement the blocking of WordPress. If truly blocked, WordPress is gigantic enough to expose put up a banner on every blog and have public shame force whoever is blocking, to rectify it. They once got Turkey to fall back off their blockage…

    If it were true that our blogs were blocked then everyone in the world would want to see why… and the DOE certainly wouldn’t want their ineptness on display now, would they?

    But unless this is brand new, I doubt the assertion. since I’ve been told by numerous teachers thorough-out this and other state systems that my blog pieces are used to in class to show examples of excellent writing. Since I’ve heard nothing, I would doubt the claim.

    But publish more, if you find it.


  4. Then they should strike… until the restrictions are removed… Seriously, through our dependency upon the Internet, this interruption brings to the forefront that we are having just cause to nullify all anti-labor, right to work, and other agreements made before the internet took off.

    If one is at work, and is being restricted…. both in public and private sector jobs.. one should be able to say… stop it.. and only then, we will come back to work.

    For what reason does a company have the right to look into the personal lives of its employees? I know for generations,( the past three with which I have had personal contact), one always had a professional side which one showed at work, and a personal side which one showed out of work… There was a reason for keeping them separate… Basically people are more dimensional than work would like and need to express that… and work simply should not go there, Nor should people ever limit their potential because work would not approve.

    These ideas that workers… need to live in a certain way just to keep their jobs, that workers should agree to have their employers approve of their lives, that everything on the internet is viable when making an employee related decision, is something new… I would say 6 years new, more or less..

    In the past, one had to physically follow someone or wiretap their phone, the latter being illegal without a warrant to get the information on ones fb page. If one felt followed, one could easily check whether one was being watched by going outside and looking in ones bush… (Christine O’Donnell reference)…

    The only way this will get fixed, is if and when employees say “we won’t work until you stop”, and the government supports them with legal protection preventing their firing for doing so…In other words, a strike.

    We are way beyond where unions just work for higher wages… WE need unions to save the American Way of life. Our privacy. There is no other way it can happen without something monetary to force the issue.

    We need stronger unions, and that means we need to fire the old bosses and put in some younger ones who will strike…

    Hear that DSEA members?.


  5. They should un-block WordPress so everyone can see your narcissism! Not many school staff like blocked internet, but WordPress falls way below social media, weather and takeout menus. Are you just inventing things to write about? We have real issues in our schools and internet isn’t one of them.


  6. Seriously? Wow.
    If a site is blocked that I need access to in order to complete the duties of my job, I substantiate the usage to my employer and it’s unblocked. Done. I’m sure the same is true here too (and btw, the sites aren’t even blocked – a verification question is being presented) And if I want to access something that does not directly relate to completion of my duties, I look on my own time, via my own internet connection. There’s no infringement on anyone’s right to read whatever they want outside of the workplace. Their time, their resources, their rules. My time, my resources, my rules. That’s life.


    1. I agree with you to a point. But say someone is readying Delawareonline Facebook comments at school. I would say that is immensely worse than anything I could ever post, or even Kilroy for that matter. Besides, my blog is about education. All teachers should read it! And parents. And legislators. And school staff. And other bloggers. And citizens of Delaware. And Governors. And Americans. And all those who breathe oxygen. And…


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