Why It Is Necessary To Reveal A High-Profile Source….

Delaware State Board of Education, Donna Johnson

I sent the below email earlier today to an employee of the State of Delaware.  They are a source, and I am outing them as that source, as well as multiple pseudonyms used on my blog, and possibly others.  Sometimes there is a higher call of duty than blogger honor, and this gross negligence of right and wrong called for this.  This is an extreme situation, affecting multiple people, but most of all, the students of Delaware.  Especially in the Christina School District.  Below is the full email I sent to Donna Johnson, Executive Director of the Delaware State Board of Education.  As well, I blind cc:ed several persons on this email, so no one will be able to say “I didn’t know about this.”

Re: State Board Meeting The Other Day  

  • Donna Johnson
  • John Young
  • Kevin Ohlandt
  • Mike Matthews
  • Jackie H. Kook
  • Eve Buckley
  • Nancy Willing
  • Kowalko John (LegHall)
  • Kavips World Press Blog
  • Williams Kimberly (LegHall)
  • Pandora DeLib
  • Matthews Sean (LegHall)
  • Kilroy’s Delaware
  • Baumbach Paul (LegHall)
  • Terri Hodges
  • Lawson Dave (LegHall)
  • Paige Elizabeth (K12)
  • John Young
  • Minnehan Harrie E (K12)
  • shirley.saffer@christina.k12.de.us
  • montagnebeau@aol.com
  • Natalie Ganc
  • Yvonne Johnson
  • Markell Jack
  • Murphy Mark
  • Denn Matthew (DOJ)
  • Townsend Bryan (LegHall)
  • Blowman David (K12)
  • acherry@wdel.com
  • Avi Wolfman-Arent
  • Matthew Albright
  • rick@wdel.com
  • Lindell Matt (K12)
  • Gray Teri

34 thoughts on “Why It Is Necessary To Reveal A High-Profile Source….

  1. I have always said if people feel the need to hide behind fake names online like “Publius” and others, they must not have courage. I don’t have time for cartoon shows.


  2. Just an FYI. The State of Delaware network has a limited number of external IP addresses. Therefore, if 10 people make comments from 10 different places inside the State Network they could have the same IP addresses.


  3. Kevin, you were right to share the information. She lost any right to anonymity when she hung you out to dry. We in the community are so thankful to have you keeping us up on what we need to know about the education machine here in Delaware. Keep up the good work!


  4. I think we can safely apologize to minnehan and saffer. Clearly this was a set-up that came from inside the political machine. The story isnt really that Kevin got fed bad info as much as it’s about how key players in Dover manipulate the public perception of our schools and our locally elect officials.

    They brewed a scandal that fueled the already testy relationships of our board members while working to further erode the public trust.

    Shame on them.

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  5. I have a question: Does this now count as a “conflict of interest,” seeing that she is the Queen… ahem… I mean *the* Executive Director of the State Board of Education, and her “partner” works for Jack Markell in the Constituent Relations Department?


  6. Whoa… too inside-basebally for me. Who cares who “tipped off” the auditor? I thought we wanted all the districts to be audited. If CSD needed auditing, better sooner than later. I vaguely get that there was some IP skullduggery and misinformation deliberately passed, and fancy pantsing about the SBAC scores, but most people will just go “Huh?” I don’t see how the mis-info in question amounts to a hill of beans.


  7. Kevin I am eternally grateful that you have been brave enough to stand up for the students in Delaware, even though it has meant that the DOE has targeted you and has even coerced current state employees to feed you misinformation in an attempt to discredit you. I think that only happens when they are scared sh****** of what you might uncover. Please keep putting their feet to the fire on behalf of all of us who are demanding truth in education.


  8. Nancy, I don’t want to draw the thing out, or run kevin up a mast, but i hope he’ll come to the next meeting and issue a verbal apology, not so much for minnehan and saffer, but to explain to the public how manipulation by persons of power created a side show that really hurt CSD even further. Into the mic this story was spoken, into the mic I’d like to see it resolved. Actually, Kevin and I have talked about this and he’s human (to use a kavipsian word) enough to do it!


    1. Kevin issued a public apology in this blog which is read by thousands of Christina School District residents and is a much wider audience than any who attend their board meetings or listen to their audio recording. And I have communicated privately with Harrie Ellen about this and issued an apology, and asked her to convey the same to Shirley Saffer. I will not attend the CSD board meeting in September for the purposes of offering a 3rd apology. No mainstream media even mentioned it, and it is a microscopic blip on the radar compared to the true issues facing Christina and the announcement today of Mark Murphy’s, ahem, resignation. Demanding this of me, even though I previously said it was something I would do, would not be beneficial at this point and would drag this out and potentially cause more harm than good. The matter of my apologizing is now closed.

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  9. So how did this situation set up, do you think? Was this just one person with a plan? Were there others involved with her in coming up with said plan? Or was she fed misinformation by someone who knew she was blabbing? I think the answer to this is critically important…


  10. I think the answer is less so. I think we all should be living by a very important rule – it’s the not always the validity of the source – its can the allegation be proven? Is there real tactile evidence? And who holds the evidence?

    B/c anything less than that is slander.

    Hey J, you’re not secretly Teri Quin Gray? cause, if you are I’m P. Heffernan


    1. LOL! Nooooooo… not by a long shot! I’m pretty sure that when she sees me, her initial reaction is something along the lines of “ugh, not HER again!”
      I guess my concern is whether or not this was an effort organized and orchestrated by someone with something to gain. It’s one thing to be one person with a big mouth but quite another to have officials behind the scenes, attempting to manipulate a situation to a particular advantageous outcome.


  11. Your level of arrogance is pathetic. Even when you clearly screw up, you find a way to blame it on others. And then you top it off by hanging someone else out to dry. “Blogger’s honor”…please!!! You don’t care who you trash or hurt as long as you think you can put yourself on some kind of pedestal.


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