Red Clay Interpreter’s Very Bigoted & Racist Comments Shock Delaware

Red Clay Consolidated School District


After Governor Markell signed Senate Bill 122 and House Bill 148 at the Hockessin Colored School last Tuesday, the Delaware News Journal quickly got a story up on Delawareonline.  On their Facebook page, comments started pouring in, including the above discriminatory and racist comment.  Word has it she is an interpreter for the Red Clay Consolidated School District.  I believe there is a petition going for her to be fired immediately.

This kind of talk should become illegal in our country.  What is wrong with people?  The comment disappeared, but luckily a source got a picture of the very controversial comments….

12 thoughts on “Red Clay Interpreter’s Very Bigoted & Racist Comments Shock Delaware

  1. It’s just a trouble maker, hired by corporate… Pay no attention… Just respond and if all 10,000 or more readers respond in the opposite, then that person is a cooked goose no matter what they do… Just respond not in anger but by illustrating how stupid they are and how stupid are those who put them up to it.. Their argument only resonates with the ignorant… They are the Donald Trump of Delaware…. (it was probably Sokola)…


  2. That same right to free speech is what gives you the latitude to do what you do, Kevin. Take that right away from someone else and it could be your door they’re knocking on next. Not defending the remarks that are made – it’s disgusting – but the “illegal” card isn’t the one to play.


    1. There is a HUGE difference between blogging about education and spreading hate talk. Yes, I get a bit feisty at times with the education powers in Delaware, as well as some politicians. But referring to kids from Wilmington as “ghetto kids” is going way over the line. Especially when those very same kids could be under her tutelage. I grew up for part of my life in Roanoke, Virginia. I saw some racism there, but never have I seen it so bad as in Delaware. It’s like we’ve taken a trip back hundred years in this state with some people. Knocking kids down because they will “infect” someone’s world is not very much different than Hitler’s propaganda about the Jews 80 years ago. We have to be better than this, or history has taught us nothing.


      1. And who gets the job of deciding it’s okay to say “this” but it’s not okay to say “that”???? Or they can’t say “that” because it offends me and is against my personal beliefs. The person who wrote that comment is a total a**hole, no doubt about it and has revealed It for the world to see – but I will defend that person’s right to do so until my dying breath because THAT is what our freedom us built upon.


        1. And to the children who may have read that comment, or their parents. The ones referred to as “ghetto” or “underachievers”. What rights do they have? Why should they be subjected to this kind of ugliness? It’s easy to spout the freedom of speech line until it’s someone else on the receiving end of it. At the end of the day, what I think doesn’t really matter in this situation. It’s what the victims of this kind of hate feel. “Freedom” and “choice” are very similar words, but if the purpose of them are to put those who may be different, whether it is a color, a religion, or a physical ability, into a place where one feels better about themselves while insulting others and being discriminatory, I don’t think that’s what true freedom is about.


    1. I’m disappointed people are more upset about my comment than the very hateful comments made by the person I wrote about. When do we as a society say enough is enough? It’s not Progressive to spread hate, that’s backwards. Obviously I know this will never become illegal, because than we would all become a nation of dissidents under dictatorship. Nobody wants that. But “free speech” doesn’t truly exist. Words have consequences, especially when you put them out there for the whole world to see. There are things people can say that will land them in jail right away, such as terroristic threats. Those are words too, so why do we cherry-pick which words can be said and which ones we can’t? Something to think about. If words can spread hate and discrimination, is that not just as bad?


      1. Surely it’s not hard to see the difference between “you are stupid, I don’t like you” and “you are stupid, I don’t like you and I’m going to kill you and everyone in your neighborhood”.
        Oh and hey – all of the kids who said VERY ugly things to my daughter because she was white in a predominantly African-American school and told her she was a bad person and picked on her because of the color of HER skin – well they had a right to say that too.


        1. No they didn’t. Discrimination goes both ways sometimes. Anyone who is judged because they are different goes against everything I stand for. To be clear, when I say different, I mean what you were born with. If you are an axe murderer, you are not going to get a lot of sympathy from me! 😉


  3. Just keep in mind that there’s a difference between having a right, and being “right”. Can’t legislate morals or conscience… The a**holes always out themselves.


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