While Other Districts Ignore Opt-Out, Christina Aims To Revise Their Policy

Christina School District, Parent Opt-Out Policy

Christina Board of Education member Elizabeth Paige is looking to revise the district’s policy on opt-out at their next meeting on Tuesday, August 11th.  Paige drafted the original policy passed last Spring by the board on a 6-1 vote.  With three districts honoring parent opt-out in Delaware, including Capital and Red Clay, Christina is the first to actually revise their policy.

I spoke with Elizabeth Paige, and she wanted not only Christina residents, but all residents of the state to know the following:

“The CSD Board passed a resolution in March expressing its support for parents’ rights to opt students out of state standardized testing. An official Board policy is a natural progression from that and will help ensure that the rights we professed to support are honored in the most professional, efficient way possible.

I am disappointed that the Governor vetoed HB50, but his veto does not mean that local school districts can’t continue to support and honor parents and their rights.”

This policy will be read officially on Tuesday evening to the other members of the board, and it is my hope it is passed unanimously!  To read the policy, please read below:

The Last Exceptional Delaware Post

Delaware Education

This is the last post I will be writing because all my objectives with this blog have come to fruition.  Education is always going to be an issue in Delaware, as it should be.  The learning environment for children and teens should always be one of the most paramount issues of our state.  I actually prayed this day would come for years!

I Of The Storm

Special Needs Children

Four years ago, I first heard “Little Talks” by Of Monsters And Men.  This band from Iceland was a fresh new sound.  They released their first album in America the next year.  For three long years I had to wait for their next one.  The wait was worth it.

One of the songs from their new album, “I Of The Storm”, touched me the first time I heard it.  It reminded me of what children with disabilities go through sometimes.  The manifestations of their disabilities can leave them isolated and segregated at times.  People don’t understand, and these children can be cruel at times.  This song is for these children.  They develop ghosts in their minds at a young age when they should have friends.