Here is the Team that is Monetizing Public Education for Profit


It always leads back to Chicago, all of it. Obama, Duncan, Emmanuel, even Delaware Governor Jack Markell. They are all part of corporate education reform. What is their obsession with all of this? Someone needs to start doing some serious digging into the money trail behind all this.

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GSV Advisors is leading the movement to bring investors into public education and to create new companies to profit from public education funding. GSV stands for Global Silicon Valley.

Who are they, you might wonder? Here are their leaders. Note how much they know about investing and building equity. Note how little experience they have as education professionals (none).

Here is what I previously described as a “field guide to the education industry,” produced by GSV.

Here are some of the partnerships they have underwritten.

The founder of GSV is Deborah Quazzo. She is also on the boards of KIPP, Teach for America, and other “reform” (privatization) groups. Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed her to the Chicago Board of Education in 2013 to replace billionaire Penny Pritzker. However, in early 2015, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the public schools had tripled their spending on companies where Quazzo had a…

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