Rahm Slashes the Budget for Special Education in Chicago Public Schools


What a disgusting man! Parents of special needs kids need to unify again and march on Washington. This is becoming absurd, for a country with all the wealth America has, and the rich get richer while those with less give more. We need to take a stand!

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This is incomprehensible. Mike Klonsky reports that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is cutting the budget for special education.

The city and the public schools are in a deep hole, financially.

But the budget can’t be balanced by firing teachers and aides for children with special needs, for two reasons. First, because it is morally wrong to make savings by taking away teachers from the neediest children. Second, because children with disabilities are protected by federal law. As Klonsky says, parents will file lawsuits, and the law is on their side.

Why not raise taxes on the 1%?

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US DOE Award Letter To Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium From 2010

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Below is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium award letter from the United States Department of Education, dated 9/28/2010.  It was addressed to the Governor of Washington since they were the lead state in the consortium.  And what state is Bill Gates from?  How much money did the US DOE give the high-stakes testing state cabal?  Find out below!

Ex Brandywine/Pennsylvania Superintendent’s Awesome Speech To House Education Committee

Standardized Testing

Delaware needs Superintendents like this who will speak with such passion and honesty.  Which one can do it first?  This is my challenge to ALL of you.  It’s time to stop the cycle of abuse being perpetrated on our schools by Governor Markell, the DOE and the US DOE.  Superintendents have some of the largest voices in our communities, and you carry a lot of weight with people.  We need you to speak up now!  See what former Brandywine Superintendent James Scanlon had to say about all this nonsense in education these days!  Dr. Mark Holodick and Dr. Scanlon are miles apart on this.  We need more Scanlons!

Colonial School District & Their Massive Expense Account For Travel

Colonial School District

Just look at this spreadsheet! Holy cow is that a lot of travelling for one district.  From one conference to the next, with tons of people going.  How does anyone have time to teach?  Is this too much travel?  Just think, if there were no Common Core or Smarter Balanced, most of this would be cut in  half!

It makes me think of this:

The Prophet Of Delaware Talks About The Profit Of Race To The Top

Race To The Top

I stumbled across something last night, a whole cache of videos created by none other than Transparent Christina’s John Young!  These are pretty funny, especially given what came to pass!  Enjoy!