How KIPP charter school handles special ed/IEP students


This is exactly why I never want KIPP getting a foothold in Delaware. If there are any charters in Delaware that practice this sort of behavior to ANY child, I want to know about it. This is a tragedy of epic proportions…

Seattle Education

kipp girls

Leonie Haimson posted this in 2012 and I have linked to it several times over the last few years.

Because I seem to be on a roll about KIPP charter schools, I decided this is an appropriate time to post this on Seattle Ed.

“At KIPP, I would wake up sick, every single day”

At KIPP, I would wake up sick, every single day. Except on Sunday, ’cause that day I didn’t have to go to school.  All the students called KIPP the “Kids in Prison Program.”

A few months ago, Class Size Matters met with a former KIPP student who lives in the Bronx and her mother to hear about their experiences at the celebrated charter school. What follows are excerpts from this interview.  The girl’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Mom: Students who are accepted to KIPP and who have IEP’s [individualized education plans] do…

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2 thoughts on “How KIPP charter school handles special ed/IEP students

  1. You’re damn right they have a foothold in Delaware. The FFA principals are graduates of Relay and they also are previous KIPP people. You wait and see, KIPP, or a model that is pretty damn close, is coming straight to Wilmington.

    I want to pull my grandchildren out of the charter school and put them into a district.


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