HB50VetoGate Ends Before It Even Began


I just received an email from Richard Puffer at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE.  He indicated the wrong date was put in for House Bill 50, the parent opt-out bill.  It was vetoed on July 16th, not July 15th.  I’ve met Richard a few times, and he’s a stand-up guy!  If you’ve ever been at Legislative Hall or listened to the audio on their website, he’s the guy that reads off the roll call during votes and does an awesome job doing it.  He sounds like one of those auctioneers!

Here’s his email:

  • ‘Kevin Ohlandt’
  • Markell, Jack (Governor)
  • Kowalko, John (LegHall)
  • Schwartzkopf, Peter (LegHall)
  • Williams, Kimberly (LegHall)
  • Matthews, Sean (LegHall)
  • Lynn, Sean M (LegHall)
  • Sokola, David (LegHall)
  • Jaques, Jr, Earl (LegHall)
Good afternoon,

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