It Took Governor Jack Markell One Hour To Veto House Bill 50

Governor Markell, House BIll 50 Veto

I got the call at 12:57pm yesterday from State Rep. John Kowalko that Governor Jack Markell vetoed House Bill 50.  When did he receive it?

From: Puffer, Richard (LegHall)
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2015 12:01 PM
To: Kowalko, John (LegHall)
Subject: HB 50 – Just sent to Governor’s office


Just sent over HB 50 at 11:57 a.m.

Best regards,

Rich Puffer

And yet he also had an hour to supposedly “review” the legislation, get multiple quotes from people at the top of the state to the bottom, sign Senate Joint Resolution #2, and draft a three page letter to the Delaware House of Representatives.  More proof this was pre-planned and he never had any intention of signing the bill…

4 thoughts on “It Took Governor Jack Markell One Hour To Veto House Bill 50

    1. When Rick Jensen on WDEL asked him flat-out if he would veto, Markell said “Yeah, I don’t like that bill.” Many took the “yeah” (including myself) as “Yes, I’m going to veto the hell out of that bill cause how dare parents rise against my policies”, but it was later clarified by Jensen it was a figure of speech and not an affirmative yes.


  1. Amazingly he received the bill at 11:57 AM vetoed it and his bought and paid for supporters still had time to get together and craft and release their press statements less than two hours later.
    John Kowalko


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