Opt-Out in Delaware is Dead! It is now time to REFUSE THE TEST!


I don’t care what Governor Markell does or doesn’t do anymore.  His veto clearly shows he has no honor or respect for parents.  Nor does our unelected State Board of Education, our Department of Education, and all the legislators who voted NO for House Bill 50.  We are opting out of opt-out and just refusing the test.  You can join our Facebook group here:


We aren’t asking permission for our children to be opted out.  We aren’t waiting for an answer.  We are just refusing the test.

2 thoughts on “Opt-Out in Delaware is Dead! It is now time to REFUSE THE TEST!

  1. In addition to opting out, there is another way to stop the privatization and charterization freight train: Unionize the charters.

    Once charters are organized, they won’t seem so tasty to the reformers. Once charterization is no longer seen as an effective weapon to bring down unions, the testing will stop.

    There’s not much parents can do to help start the ball rolling. Teachers will have to rouse themselves from their defensive crouch and do it themselves.

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    1. That would be awesome, and I’m sure a lot of charter teachers wouldn’t mind having that type of protection. I’ve heard of many a charter teacher that got fired for doing nothing more than disagreeing with a school leader. Some great teachers too!


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