Report: More than $200 Million in Charter School Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement is “Tip of the Iceberg”


This is shocking news! Not that this isn’t common knowledge, but that it is so much. So where is all of this money going? There has to be something much bigger at play here. The estimated $1.4 billion is a HUGE figure. This money is being laundered into something, hast to be…

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The Center for Popular Democracy and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools reviewed reports of financial abuses by charter schools and concluded that more than $200 million in state and federal funds have been squandered. They examined records in only 15 states and estimate that what they discovered is only “the tip of the iceberg.” Most financial scandals and frauds come to light only after a whistle-blower speaks out or a state agency audits charter schools or an enterprising journalist digs into charter records. Many state laws governing charter schools confuse “flexibility” with a lack of oversight. Charter schools receive public money yet have gone to court to prevent public audits by state officials.

The report says that “According to standard forensic auditing methodologies, the deficiencies in charter oversight throughout the country suggest that federal, state, and local governments stand to lose more than $1.4 billion in 2015. The vast…

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One thought on “Report: More than $200 Million in Charter School Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement is “Tip of the Iceberg”

  1. Just one more nail in the coffin for charters.. We have got to get rid of them.. Which apparently means we first have got to get rid of those supporting them in the General Assembly.. Earl Jacques and Dave Sokola have got to go to save all our children… Because of these two people blackmailed by charter organizations, who consistently vote against 99% of parents,,, all 132,000 of Delawares school children must suffer inferiority….

    Two people now cause this immense pain to 132,000 innocent little children. Just to compare scales that is 1.8% of the number of Jews Hitler killed. Which seems awfully high considering he controlled all of Europe, and we are only one 315th the population of America……


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