Great Oaks Charter School Performance Award Application

Great Oaks!  Another Community Education Building tenant starting in August.  Yes, let’s get a high school in there!  Because mixing kindergartners through 12th grade is always such a good idea!  They won’t be in the same classrooms cause of the different schools, but…

Anyway, Great Oaks is saying Show Me The Money with their performance fund application.  Specifically, they want to use $250,000 for salaries between July 1st and September 30th of this year!!!  Even though the DOE doesn’t announce the performance fund award winners until July 6th, I would have to think these positions are already in the FY2016 budget for this school.  And we approve these things…why?

And I am very curious about this entrance in the Delaware Online Checkbook:

DOE Payment to Great Oaks???


2 thoughts on “Great Oaks Charter School Performance Award Application

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