House Bill 50 On Senate Agenda For Thursday 6/25, Sokola Does Not Want This Bill In An Election Cycle

DE Senator David Sokola, House Bill 50

That was extremely fast.  House Bill 50 is on the Senate agenda for tomorrow, June 25th.  For someone who dragged this bill on and on, he sure is putting the fast track on it now.  Is that cause he is up for re-election next year?  If I were him with all the bad press he has been getting on the blogs lately, I wouldn’t want this bill shadowing me going into campaign season.  But will he allow the bill to reach Markell’s desk, or will he place even more amendments on it?  We will find out tomorrow.  From the website….

Note : PLEASE NOTE: Thursday, June 25, 2015 – HB 140 – (Sen. Sokola) SJR 5 – Sen. McDowell HB 50 (Sen. Sokola)

10 thoughts on “House Bill 50 On Senate Agenda For Thursday 6/25, Sokola Does Not Want This Bill In An Election Cycle

    1. So I am hearing, and if he has a huge speech for it like the Gettysburg Address for parent rights and opt-out, I will praise the hell out of him for it. If he jacks it up even more, all bets are off.


      1. What if he does neither? What if he just sits quietly and lets it pass?

        Also, since my electricity went out last night, I have not had solid access to internet, and most specifically Facebook. Any conversations that happened are totally unknown to me, so I may be joining the game late 🙂


  1. So, here’s the thing. All sorts of crap happens, and CAN happen, in politics. I’m just saying don’t go whole-hog all or nothing on this issue. Especially not so soon after you wrote a blog about not caring whether it passes. That’s all. Snakeola is the one who made the amendment that prompted Townsend to add his. His is going away. HB50 will most likely pass in the Senate, in my humble opinion. Markell has said (and backpedaled, but infamously said) he’s going to veto it anyway. We’ll see how it all plays out. Don’t let emotion get the best of us. I was just as disappointed as anyone else, but anger is a secondary emotion. A wise man once told me that he regularly uses the word “disappointed” to sum up a wide array of emotions, and I like that idea. Being disappointed isn’t going to burn bridges we need to further the TRUE cause, which is getting rid of testing altogether. You can bet your ass it won’t be Jaques or Sokola who introduce a bill like that, but it might well be someone like Townsend, Williams, S. Matthews, etc., and we want to keep those folks on our side.

    Also, lest anyone accuse Burger Girl of drinking the kool aid, I took Townsend to task to my satisfaction in private. I’m settled with the issue. Do I think it was the right thing to do, introducing that amendment? No, and I said so. Publicly. In writing. On Facebook. But also privately, person to person. And no, I didn’t make any backroom deals. I’m not getting anything for my statement here. My honest intention is to bring a moderate voice to the discussion.

    Back to work for me. And no, it isn’t flipping burgers 😉


    1. Why Burger Girl, I have never let my emotions rule me. I am as objective as the night turns to day. Okay, back to earth now. I don’t know if I am able to just be “disappointed” over certain issues. Especially when it comes to students being subjected to THIS test and parental rights being trampled on. I think some legislators are forgetting the essence of this bill and have become easily distracted by the sidebar stuff coming from Markell and the DOE. This is what is ticking off parents, and I am speaking with their voice as well as my own. They are getting sick of political agendas and corporate greed interfering with this legislation. We have a great deal of “skin in the game”, and I think they all need to be reminded of that. That is why I go heavy, otherwise they won’t take notice.


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