Oregon Governor Kate Brown Signs Opt-Out Legislation Into Law!!!! Will Markell Have The Same Bravery?

House Bill 50, Oregon Opt-Out Bill, Parent Opt-Out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment

Oregon’s House Bill 2655, which allows a parent to opt their child out of standardized assessments, was signed into law today by Democrat Governor Kate Brown.  This bill mandates schools notify parents of their rights to opt-out, provides instructional time for students not taking the test, and provides two school rating systems: those with the opt-out numbers factoring in and ones without.

Today, the Delaware House of Representatives will meet after they get out of caucus, and their own opt-out bill is 3rd on the agenda for today.  Governor Jack Markell has given a ho-hum “I don’t like this bill” and may veto it.  It is not necessarily true, as reported by the News Journal, if the legislators could override the bill.  Timing would be crucial as their legislative sessions ends on June 30th until mid-January of 2016.  Unless they meet again after the session ends to cover an override, which I don’t see happening, the veto could stick.

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