House Bill 50 2nd Vote In Legislative Hall Happening NOW!!!! House Bill 50 DEAD!

The Delaware House of Representatives have been in meetings since 2:40pm.  I am not there, but a friend and Delaware PTA member is there.  The room is filling up, and the legislators are walking in.  I am waiting for the audio to come up on website…

I’m hearing the House Republicans want to add an amendment to get rid of Senator Bryan Townsend’s Senate Amendment #2, allowing high school juniors to opt-out of the state assessment.

They have covered items #1, 2, 4 & 5 on the agenda and skipped right over House Bill 50…

House Bill 148 passed the House so if Markell signs this bill, the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission will be created.  I have no doubt Markell will sign this bill…

Not sure if they received it, but I just emailed the House reps not to add another amendment to remove another amendment.  Based on DOE belief, the whole point of all this standardized testing is to improve our PISA scores.  If the last grade they take this is 10th grade, what’s the point of stopping juniors from opting out? Thanks to you-know-who for this very quick info!

A massive thunderstorm is getting ready to roll into Dover… not sure if this will change the itinerary at Leg. Hall.  This is like a Night At The Roxbury with this bill!

Wrong! HB50 is now up!  Jeff Spiegelman is offering an amendment!  Jeff, don’t do it!  The amendment is being read by Pete Schwartzkopf.  It’s being read now. “House Amendment #2 strips the bill of Senate Amendment #2”.  “I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a minor to opt themselves out if it is against the wishes of the parent.” “I’m not sure if that’s the route the state wants to go out with this test.”  Kowalko is talking: “This bill still allows a parent the rights to opt-out.”  “If this bill goes back to the Senate, it’s dead.”  Right on Kowalko!

They are voting on the amendment.  Far too many yes votes right now… Not looking good…lots of no votes at the end.  No votes changing their minds.  18 Yes, 21 No!  Amendment is dead!

Mike Ramone is railing against Kowalko over the amendment.  “It is unacceptable and rude.”  “It is irresponsible.”  Wants them to put the bill back how it was and get it going again in January.  Jaques is going back to the Senate Amendment #1.  “Does that mean no child will be tested in our schools?”  Jaques, you colluded with Sokola on all of this.  You are just as guilty of that amendment and you are trying to kill the bill.

Roll Call:

17 yes votes….

House Bill 50 is dead!

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