Academy of Dover State Audit Report Released! State Board of Education & Murphy Should Revoke Their Charter!!!

“A clear and consistent message is needed from all state agencies about fiscal accountability over all charter school funds including local funds.”

Delaware State Auditor Tom Wagner’s office released their report on Academy of Dover, and it is much worse than anyone thought.  Here are the highlights:

-Academy of Dover has no contract with their financial management organization, Innovative Schools, which could set up another legal situation for them…

-For three years, Rodriguez used $127,866 in school funds for personal use, the state was unable to determine if ANOTHER $129,458 was for school or personal use…

-The school had a sexual harassment lawsuit in which they settled, costing the school out-of-pocket over $36,000 in legal fees and over $97,000 in insurance funds.  This was due to Noel Rodriguez, the former principal…

-Academy of Dover kept allowing Rodriguez to use his cell phone until March 2015 even though he resigned in October 2014, added an additional $1,696 in charges…

-Academy of Dover’s average class size is 19 to 1, drastically lower than most traditional school districts, but the average student to adult ratio is 10 to 1…

-In trying to seek guidance on the overall purpose of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, the organization did not respond to that request…

-During the three year spending spree, there was no oversight from any of the following organizations: Academy of Dover, their board, DOE, Charter School Accountability Committee, Division of Accounting, independent auditors or Innovative Schools…

-Rodriguez had a “special relationship”, according to the below report, with a music teacher. As well, he treated employees to Happy Hour numerous times, reimbursed them for alcohol purchases, and gave bonuses to teachers with NO board approval…

“Charter schools consistently receive instruction from DOE, Division of Accounting (DOA), and OMB that they may use their local funds as they deem appropriate, which is inconsistent with laws and regulations.”

The below document, produced by Delaware State Auditor Tom Wagner, is a sickening and disgusting look at over three years of taxpayer funds going towards one man’s addiction to material items.  We know from last week’s House Education Committee meeting, seven Delaware charter schools are under review by the State Auditor.  It is time to wake up Delaware, and change this system of fraud and abuse.  Starting with the DOE, because based on what I’m seeing in this report, Academy of Dover needs to be shut down.  They had zero oversight over Rodriguez for over three years.  And they continued to give him special privileges with a cell phone after he “resigned”.  Their probation needs to be revoked and Rodriguez should be arrested for openly violating state law and regulation!

Why do we continue to allow organizations like the Delaware Charter Schools Network have any say on legislation that would protect our students and taxpayers from this sort of waste and abuse, but they refuse to answer questions about their very purpose to a state auditor’s office?

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

8 thoughts on “Academy of Dover State Audit Report Released! State Board of Education & Murphy Should Revoke Their Charter!!!”

  1. No, we should revoke the DOE’s “charter” We need legislation separating SBE from Governor. MAke them elected and Hire/fire State Super. Sec. Ed. needs to go and not be a cabinet position.


  2. Lock these bastards up! For crying out loud, Rodriguez is a criminal, Moore and Brewington were criminals. This shit is costing tax payers a lot of damn money. This is about $220K + between Academy of Dover and Family Foundations Academy. That’s just about a quarter of a million dollars in tax payers money pissed away for greed! Matt Denn needs to throw these sonsofbitches in jail! Make an example out of these people. You can’t steal school funds and just walk away scott free. This guy will probably wind up with some backroom deal like the other two did. Brewington is out there trying to volunteer in Christina School District and Moore opened up a tanning salon of all things. They should be getting 3 hots and a cot in a correctional center!

    This really pisses me off!!! This is pathetic behavior and it just keep repeating itself because nothing is ever done about it. Matt Denn, I think it is time to PROSECUTE!!!


    1. I completely agree, and get this: 7 charters are in the state auditor’s office, including FFA and Academy of Dover. The only other one that has been made public is Providence Creek Academy.


  3. It makes you wonder, what else are they missing? Charters are public schools, I just don’t understand why they are monitored the same way. There’s no accountability.


  4. This is so freaking insane! How do you lie about having a contract with your financial group? Especially after all the trouble finances has caused! This school has multiple violations besides all of this financial crap. Nobody cares about the decline in academics or the lack of special needs services or even that my son was abused there. And by nobody I mean the school and the Department of Education. We all know that the person who anonymously contacted fraud was Cheri Marshall and her group of lackeys. They were initially really jealous over the music teacher situation and they wanted to oust him so their regime of destruction could come to power. These people and this school think that they can do as the wish which has obviously shown to be true because they clearly have no accountability. Who gives a school probation when they are already on probation? That is not how probation works…if you mess up then you have a consequence. And just from being in the company of these monsters I realize that they are FRIENDS with people in the DOE. It is a ridiculous cycle and this school does NOT deserve to keep its charter. The obviously have friends in high places because anybody with sense would have ended this madness. This is a terrible school, with for the most part a terrible staff and board. If the people in charge (Cheri Marshall, john Leone, Nancy Wagner, and the board president) are left in charge…how will things actually change for the better? The answer is that they won’t. My son has had the worst year of his life there. I have had a terrible year. My whole family is traumatized because of the hell we have been through at Academy of Dover. I will continue everything in my power to prove that this “school” is not an acceptable place for our children and that their charter should be revoked.


  5. We must get rid of all charters in Delaware… Teach them a lesson they can’t forget…

    At the very least, we need to make them completely independently funded… Not only do these shenanigans hurt those children in this school, they also impact all the public schools this school takes money from…….

    Just think of the tens of thousands who had to do without…. just so Rodriguez could play, play, play his music teacher..That is the real tragedy…. All that money should have gone to public schools, where it would have been well spent…. not wasted because Dave Sokola and Earl Jacques think money in their pockets, is more important than a child’s future!

    We must get rid of charters all together…. at very least, make the wealthy pay for them, and not those poor children left in public schools….. .. .


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