Red Clay to slow its runaway charter school train!


Everything old is new again…especially in Delaware!

Longwood Foundation names board, announces applications for Community Education Building


When I first got into blogging, I did a lot of research into how the other Delaware blogs did it. I miss this one. Very interesting stuff in here. “…successful models to replicate in Delaware (KIPP, Montessori)…” Come back Mike O.!

the seventh type

The Longwood Foundation has revealed more about its intentions for charter schools in the Wilmington building donated to the Longwood Foundation by Bank Of America in February. As the Foundation announced at the ceremony, the plan was to create a “Community Education Building” not-for-profit organization to manage the building and its schools.

And now, the Foundation has revealed its new website at The website has been under construction for a few weeks, but now there is plenty of new content.

Check it out at

To begin with, the Board of Directors has been named. You may recall we speculated last February that Charlie Copeland was involved in this and let slip some inside info. Charlie said in February:

The Longwood Foundation plans to take that building and create the “Community Education Building” (CEB) and put 4 Charter Schools right in the heart of the…

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Delaware Political Marriage! Markell & Copeland


Now this is a very interesting ride down memory lane for some I’m sure. As we all know, Markell did not make good on his promises to Kilroy. Read this very interesting article from 2008, especially the part with a certain Senator who still seems to be enamored with standardized testing…

Tweets From The Grill: Burger Girl Vents At #Firefly 2015

Burger Girl, Firefly

Burger Girl has been a naughty girl.  She has been tweeting without telling me.  More shenanigans down at Firefly Music Festival courtesy of the one, the only…Burger Girl!

Whoa…wanna watch the language there Burger Girl?  This isn’t Nascar…

Sounds yummy… didn’t want to take any leftovers from the grill there Burger Girl?

Yeah, cause that’s gonna make the stink go away…all that does is mix it into something even more rank..

Yeah, that’s where I want to eat…

Never heard of that band Burger Girl…

Okay, now you’re just making up bands to sound all hip…

Yes, because having a previous foot condition must be a prerequisite for taking a job that requires you to stand on your feet for 51 hours…

Did you shut up and dance?  Now that’s a band I’ve heard of Burger Girl!

Tragedy Strikes Burger Girl At Firefly….

Burger Girl, Firefly

Burger Girl had something very bad happen on her 2nd work day at Firefly.  Before she even went to work, something happened to her home away from home:


Yes, the walls came tumbling down.  This is not in reference to a John Mellancamp or Bastille song either.  They literally came down.  Burger Girl could only say “Apparently I’m a terrible engineer.  My wall fell…”  I worry about the workplace safety though.  But she could always blame it on the wind.  Oh yeah, that’s right, there is no wind today…

But the good news is Burger Girl does get to work at an awesome office.  Voted Best of Calcutta 2012, here is her work environment:


Yes, I can see the appeal there Burger Girl…

She did reveal the “big thing” that happened yesterday:

RV got stuck in the mud yesterday in front of my car. The guy who got out to talk to the tow truck driver said “I’m not anti-society; I’m anti-stupid”. Says the guy who drove his RV into a muddy lot that was blocked off and where other cars had been stuck.


Coming from the girl who agreed to work 51 hours in mud!  Didn’t really need the picture, cause the description made it look a lot worse.  All I see is some water and dirt.  Must be some funny stuff in the air on the other side of Route 1…

But she did brag about how “close” she was from The Lawn stage:


I am so sure Burger Girl will get perfect pictures when the bands play.  Especially with 50,000 people standing in front of her…

But apparently she is having a lot of fun, even jesting with the Hipsters who come her way…

People keep asking for “chicken fingers”.  I keep telling them “chickens don’t have fingers”. Only drunk people appreciate me.

I wonder why…

I happened to be at the local grocery store this afternoon, and several of the Firefly attendees were in there.  Lots of bikinis and guys with their shirts off.  One was in the first aid section, buying everything in sight.  A worker at the store asked if she could help her, and she said “My friend’s foot hurts, so I’m just going to get everything to be on the safe side.

Yes, the brilliance continues in Dover, DE!

I can’t wait to hear more from Burger Girl on Day Two.  What other witty words will Burger Girl say next to the mass buyers of what has to be the best burgers ever made?  To be continued…

The Adventures of Burger Girl At Firefly!

Burger Girl, Firefly

A friend of mine is flippin’ burgers down at Firefly.  She has to work 51 hours in four days or something insane like that.  She needs mud boots, and she wants NO drama.  Good luck with that.  With an estimate 90,000 attendees, Burger Girl is going to become intimate friends with a spatula and grease.  Will she go deaf by the time all is said and done?  Follow her adventures all weekend here on Exceptional Delaware.  I will be updating this nightly.


She works hard for the money, and these are the spacious digs she gets out of it.  Love the color coordination.  It’s obvious Burger Girl chose only the best fabrics for her, uhm, walls.  Lots of privacy too I’m sure!

After getting her, uhm, room set up, Burger Girl had to get to work.  The first goal was to get her office set up.


Looks like a lot of work space.  And the company seems to be very green cause her outside office is near something called The Lawn.  And this is her view:


What a panoramic shot!  Burger Girl did confess it was quite muddy due to the rain yesterday.  She did know this beauty wouldn’t last and future shots from this view would be filled with hipster delight and sweaty, drunk, and lord knows what else in the coming days.

Yesterday was the first day of the festival, and Burger Girl gave a report:

Day one down. Days two through four to go. If anyone needs me, I’ll be working the American Grill near the lawn stage during the entirety of the festival. Stop by and say hi, y’all!

Not sure if Burger Girl knows this is a hipster festival, not the country music festival coming up.  But hey, make sure you say hi y’all!

Someone mentioned to Burger Girl they were able to put donation jars at their desk, er, uhm, grill and made a lot of money when they worked there years ago.  I was able to obtain some exclusive comments from this conversation:

Burger Girl’s Friend: Wonder if the food service tents will have their “donation” jars again. That’ll make the drunk craziness worth it in the end.

Burger Girl: It will make my 51 hours worth it…

Burger Girl’s Friend: I looked like I was on the way to a strip club afterwards. Lots and lots of singles.

Burger Girl: You just made me really happy lol. My booth is right at the front entrance. Maybe I’ll make more than I expected!

Okay, someone going to a strip club after working at Firefly for three days is just gross!  Ewww….

One citizen in the state wrote the following about Burger Girl:

I feel bad for Burger Girl.  I can hear Firefly three miles away. She must be deaf, unless all that burger grease is flying up giving her instant ear plugs!

After what, I’m sure, was a quiet and peaceful night of slumber, our stalwart burger flipper woke up:


I brought this to our forensic department, and we weren’t sure if this was actually Firefly or a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road…

The last we heard of Burger Girl was two hours ago with this very cryptic message:

Yoooooooooo…. It’s too early for drama. For real. It’s Firefly day!!!! I’m gonna focus on that.

To Be Continued..