Senator Sokola Must Put House Bill 50 On Agenda By June 18th

I love the Delaware House of Representatives.  Things make sense there (for the most part).  Apparently the Senate does things VERY different.  For a bill to go to a full Senate vote, the Chair of the committee it was released from puts it on the agenda, as opposed to the House where the Speaker of the House does this.  So this means House Bill 50’s fate once again rests on the controversial shoulders of Senator David Sokola.  No word on an amendment for this bill.  So this means we have to email the hell out of Senator Sokola to have this bill come to a full vote.  If I can find a loophole, I will.  In the meantime, email him every day.  Email him three times a day.  Or as many times as you like.  Just make sure you email him, along with the rest of the Senate, asking for a Yes vote.  This must be put to a vote by June 18th, and I’ll tell you why shortly.

If this thing passes, Governor Markell is going to be faced with a monumental decision: Does he stick it to parents or does he stick it to all the education agendas he has dumped on Delaware for the past seven years?  Or does he drift into the night quietly by not signing it and allowing House Bill 50 to become law in 10 days and not having his name attached to it?  If he did that, the Senate would have to pass the bill by June 18th for the 10 day period to happen prior to the General Assembly adjourning for six months.  The House Bill 50 saga must come to an end at some point.  I’m praying for this month!

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