SBAC: Test, Label, and Punish

Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, Mike Matthews

After the President of the Delaware State Board of Education, Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, was quoted in different media sources about House Bill 50 and opt-out,  former blogger and current teacher and President of the Red Clay Educators Association Mike Matthews shot out an email to Dr. Gray and several others in response to Gray’s comments.  With Mike’s permission, I present his email:

  • Gray Teri
  • Johnson Donna R
  • Murphy Mark
  • Markell Jack
  • Sokola David
  • Townsend Bryan
  • Jaques, Jr Earl
  • Williams Kimberly
  • Matthews Sean
  • Kowalko John

Dr. Gray:

One thought on “SBAC: Test, Label, and Punish

  1. I would also be interested in knowing what information the SBAC provides for parents, educators, and the community and how students will benefit from the test. Not only are the results sent out about 4 months later (when students have moved on to the next grade), but all you get is a score and a ranking. I have heard that teachers are not allowed to see the questions answered incorrectly, so there is really no useful data provided. How do students benefit when these tests are designed to fail 60-70% of them?


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