House Bill 50 Has NOT Been Released Out Of Committee…Yet, But A New Problem Emerges… **UPDATED**

House Bill 50, Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

Because most of the Senators in the Education Committee were not present during the actual meeting, the bill has to be circulated to each one of them.  According to Senator David Sokola, he expects this to happen tomorrow.  It is also expected, not that I’ve heard this from Sokola, that House Bill 50 will be released from committee.  With that being said, a new wrinkle has come up.  Apparently, and this is coming straight from Sokola, he is considering adding an amendment to the bill.  What would happen with that is the Senate would vote on the amendment, which would kick the bill back to the House if the Senate passes it.  If the House passes the amended legislation, it would then go to Governor Markell’s desk.  At this point, he could do one of three things: sign the bill, veto the bill, or do nothing and in 12 days it would become law.  If the House passed the amended vote by June 30th, Markell would have 12 days to make his decision.

The parent opt-out bill saga never ends.  And this has just been confirmed by Yvonne Johnson with the Delaware PTA: the amendment would allow opt-out of district-wide assessments.

9 thoughts on “House Bill 50 Has NOT Been Released Out Of Committee…Yet, But A New Problem Emerges… **UPDATED**

  1. Is that in addition to state assessments or instead of? If parents opt out of the district tests to measure a students actual growth then there is no way for a teacher, a school or even a district to prove that the children they teach are making progress. The the Department of Education will then have complete and total control over priority schools and the fate of public schools in Delaware. That would not be good….


  2. Who actually stated they wanted to opt out of district wide assessments? I never heard one parent say that. It’s this state assessment, SBAC. So that would serve no one but him because then everyone would vote against it.

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