Action Alert: We need to debate @TeachForAmerica and Special Education


Cloaking Inequity

Special Education students are one of our most exceptional student populations. Should Teach For America teachers who have had 18 hours in a classroom teach Special Education? Natomas Unified School District right here in Sacramento California will be debating this issue tomorrow (Agenda for the Board Meeting on June 10, 2015. TFA Agenda Item is XII. Consent Items – g). More on that later in the post.

The following is from a dissertation entitled A disparate impact?: Understanding the relationship between discretionary removal, special education, and African American students by Bonita Homer, a student whose dissertation i chaired while teaching at the University of Texas at Austin.

In the early 1800s, special education in the United States appeared in the form of schools that were designed to educate students who were with deafness, blindness, and mentally retardation (Winzer, 1993)… The purpose of these schools was not to…

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