Perhaps Apathy is the Best Friend of the “Reform” Movement


They say that when conservatives get mad, they take to the voting booth, but when liberals get mad, they take to the streets.

Only one method effects change in the America you and I inhabit. It is called voting and public discourse.

One of the main reasons I began this blog was to offer solutions to the issues of public education.

It is simple to bitch and whine.

It is honorable to find solutions and to work towards them.

Honesty is paramount – the issues in public education in one of apathy, disconnect and greed. A growing apathy on the part of our clientele we serve, a disconnect between the rule makers and the students they are supposed to serve and a growing greed on the part of the profiteers and politicians.

If we are to make public education work in Delaware – or anywhere in our world – the…

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