My Letter To The Delaware General Assembly In Opposition to Senate Joint Resolution #2 AND All Their Email Addresses To Copy & Paste

148th General Assembly, Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

Dear Delaware 148th General Assembly,

I am writing you this evening in opposition to Senate Joint Resolution #2, sponsored by Senator Sokola and State Rep. Jaques.  While looking at the number of assessments students in Delaware receive is a worthwhile cause, I fear the motivations behind this are not that simple.  This assessment inventory was mentioned by Governor Markell and Rep. Jaques back in March as the parent opt-out momentum was just beginning.  But what nobody knew was the Delaware DOE was working on this starting in December of 2014.  This is an obvious initiative begun by Governor Markell and the Delaware DOE to make parents think students are being over-assessed in an effort to prevent parent opt-out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  I have not heard of one parent in the entire state of Delaware requesting to opt-out their child out of any other assessment other than Smarter Balanced.  Furthermore, the Delaware DOE seems to be under the illusion the group created out of this resolution would simply be a discussion group and would have no oversight or authority over THEIR assessment inventory.  It is this arrogance that brought us to where we are now with assessments in Delaware, and for the first time in a long time, the DOE is being viewed as the money-wasting, school-punishing, public school teacher-hating, parent-ignoring Department they are.  I firmly believe any initiative coming out of their office these days is something that benefits their extremely high salaries more than the benefit of Delaware’s students.

I am requesting Senator Sokola place House Bill 50 on the Senate Education Committee agenda officially for the June 3rd meeting.  I would also like all of you to carefully consider what passage of Senate Joint Resolution #2 could mean in the grand picture.  It could easily be said House Bill 50 would not matter because we are looking at all assessments to ease the burden on students.  Smarter Balanced is NOT included in this assessment inventory, and it is this assessment that parents are opposed to.  To pass Senate Joint Resolution #2 and leave House Bill 50 in limbo would be an insult to every single parent who has exercised their right, fought for House Bill 50, and emailed many of you already.

In closing, I appreciate all you do, and I once again urge you to vote with your constituents in mind and not the whims of Governor Markell and the Delaware Department of Education.  Thank you,

Kevin Ohlandt

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