The Exceptional Delaware Caption This Photo Contest



Here’s the deal, you need to comment on here with the best thoughts these three people are thinking in this picture. This is myself, Kevin Ohlandt, my son, Jacob, and Governor Jack Markell. This was the first time Jack and I officially met, and I’m sure he’s not too happy over the whole opt-out movement I’ve been pushing the past few months.

The winner will be announced in a week, and their thoughts will be published for all to see! Here’s the rules: you have to comment on here. No Facebook or Twitter submissions. A voting council of three will determine the winner. Have fun, and let’s keep it clean!

8 thoughts on “The Exceptional Delaware Caption This Photo Contest

  1. Governor Markell- This guy is driving me nuts, and now I have to stand here smiling with him and his kid?

    Kevin- I don’t see any bodyguards, get me out of here…

    Jacob- This isn’t gonna end well…


  2. Markell- I’m not really a governor but I play one on TV.
    Jacob-Dad am I still getting that ice cream you promised me for standing here?
    Kevin- He’ll never know it was me that left those dead animals on his driveway.


  3. Governor—When I get you home…..

    Kevin–Dad, I swear, I thought it would never

    Son–History? What’s gettin’ my picture taken have to do with history?


  4. Governor–I only wanted to stand for what’s best

    Kevin–I only wanted to stand for what’s right

    Son–I only wanted to stand with the Philly Phanatic
    Geez, I always fall for this stuff and then get distracted from my work….stop, stop, gotta get things done…….


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